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This is the amount of paper waste that is estimated to be produced in one month by the average British office worker [in 2008, things may have changed since then].

A very large bin appeared on Waterloo Bridge in London on February 2008. The bin is constructed out of the amount of paper that the average office worker uses in just one month. Envirowise.org.uk is encouraging companies to remove all but one bin from the office to highlight the amount of waste generated in one day.

This gigantic bin [two and a half metre high] is made with the 1584 sheets of paper the average office worker prints off in a month. [Aldred 2008] The provocative installation is a creation of the group Envirowise [envirowise.org.uk unfortunately not working anymore] as part of the campain One Bin Day, which was trying to raise awareness about the waste issue in offices and ask companies…

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