Did you know that…

Every year, here in California, hundreds of thousands of televisions, computers, monitors, and other electronics are being replaced by newer more up to date electronics. Thousand of those electronics will end up in local landfills if not handled properly. Electronic waste “e-waste” should be properly recycled and should NOT be disposed of with regular garbage.

EZPC Recycle is a state certified and EPA approved electronic recycling company. We will recycle any electronic device. If it has a power cord, we will recycle it.

Here at EZPC Recycle, we are dedicated to help prevent wrongful dumping of “e-waste.” We offer “e-recycling” service to all of southern California with safe and sound solutions for our clients to dispose of all their “e-waste.”

Free e-waste pick-ups are available within the orange county area for businesses. A minimum of 8 monitors or CPU’s are required for free pick-up outside of Orange County. Businesses are encouraged to get their employees involved in bringing their e-waste from home to maximize collection. For residences and households, free drop offs are available at our location in Santa Ana.

Certified Data Destruction. We will ensure that your hard drives data is truly and properly disposed off.


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