8 Ways Gadgets Have Gone Green

8 Ways Gadgets Have Gone Green


Flash back to 1989: Did we ever imagine a world in which we carried in our pockets palm-sized devices that connected us to everything from our friends to the Internet super-highway?

The technology of twenty years ago has evolved into sleek, ingenious, energy-efficient machines today. But electronics’ functions and design aren’t the only things that have changed. Today our ever-changing vernacular and familiarity with technology are commonplace; “tweeting” is a commonly used verb, and computer keyboards are as familiar as the back of our hands. Technology is no longer entertainment – it’s an essential.

But now the electronics industry is moving into a new direction that’s coated with an eco-friendly lining. “Green” is the new buzzword, and technology is doing everything to grab a piece of the pie. Here are eight ways our favorite gadgets have gone green:

Photo: Flickr/alongfortheride

Remember these clunkers? Today’s TVs are energy efficient, serious space-savers. Photo: Flickr/alongfortheride

1. Recycled Materials Are Abundant

You may not realize how many virgin materials are required to manufacture your PDA. According to the EPA, “cell phones are made from valuable resources such as precious metals, copper and plastics – all of which require energy to extract and manufacture.”

Samsung’s Reclaim is the first cell phone in the U.S. to be made in part from bioplastic, a material that’s uncommon in the electronics industry. Released in August, the phone is made from 80 percent recyclable materials. The corn-based bioplastic makes up 40 percent of the outer casing, and is PVC-free.

Recycled materials aren’t just for cell phones. Canon recently released a line of calculators made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.



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