The Intricacies of Eco-Friendly Responsibilities

Our great golden state of California has many laws in place to protect the flora and fauna we enjoy so much by holding the parties accountable for the pollution and harming of our ecosystem. One such method not known to many people is EPR or Extended Producer Responsibility.

Extended Producer Responsibility is a tactic which explains the specific responsibilities of a manufacturer in regards to its products’ lifecycle. The idea behind this tactic is to enforce and assure manufacturers take the most ecologically friendly and safe approach when producing their newest line of products for the public.

Where this strategy differs from historical legislation in regards to ecological safety management is that now the manufacturer has to worry about consumption and disposal as well as production. Essentially this added responsibility, the idea of industrial ecology, can be explained accordingly. Traditionally responsibility for ecological well being is transferred from the manufacturer to the municipality as soon as the product leaves the manufacturing plant. When introducing the idea of industrial ecology that responsibility is moved up to the apex of the product lifecycle, i.e. the concept phase of the product. Therefore, manufacturers are the sole responsible party for ecological disasters derived from their products relieving any and all responsibility to users like you and me!

So next time your car is coughing up smog into the environment remember to fix it not because it’s the law and not because the manufacturer can legally be blamed for it, do it for the safety of the environment!!!!

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