Can California Regulate E-Waste Better?


EZPC Recycle’s Angle:

E-waste is a problem that is going to continually increase as we technologically progress as a civilization. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, globally there is a 3% growth rate in e-waste in developed nations and an 8.8% growth rate for each individual market. If these rates remain consistent the world will hit a peak of 40-70 MILLION tons of e-waste PER YEAR. This ladies and gentlemen is quite a large amount of trash.

E-waste should be tightly regulated and closely monitored in order to increase the efficiency of the e-waste recycling process. This is done best at the state level. Computers for Classrooms is a non-profit organization which helps low-income schools and neighborhoods benefit from refurbished electronics such as computers or television sets. Pat Furr, the director of Computers for Classrooms, mentions that even though companies participate in the electronic recycling fundraisers they do not incorporate “green practices” outside of participating in the fundraiser. This is absolutely counter-productive for this technological green movement happening for the e-waste industry. R2 certification is the EPA’s response to these e-waste problems. However, this certification is not a requirement but rather a suggestion. Giving it more weight in the American e-waste industry might have the drastic change on e-waste management in California and in turn the world.

What’s Your Angle?

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CEO, Miguel Bautista

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One thought on “Can California Regulate E-Waste Better?

  1. I may be a crazy person, but I believe that the best way to insure that e-waste (or any other product for that matter) is properly recycled is by creating “take-back” programs where the manufacturer takes back the product after it’s use. This gives the manufacturer incentive to design the product to be easy to recycle and to contain less toxic chemicals.

    Ever heard of the animated video “The Story of Electronics”? You might find it interesting:

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