How Influential are Humans on Earth?

Ya..contrary to popular belief this is what real animals look like.

EZPC Recycle’s Angle:

This question really bothered me after watching a History Channel documentary on plastic pollution and how drastic of a negative impact it has been having because of marine life thinking it’s food. I am not a “tree hugger”. However ever since getting a dog (Akita/German Shepard Mix; very smart/fun puppy) I have inexplicably gotten more attached to the natural environment. The U.S. Census Bureau has a population clock stating the U.S. & World Population at this very moment. Right now, 2:23 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, the world population is at 6,957,210,733 people. Click here to see how many more babies are born when you start reading this post!

But back to the issue. 83% of the Earth. That’s an unbelievable amount of land. This statistic is from an article on National Geographic’s website, you can see it here. It is very old, 2002, which makes this even more shocking. The article goes on to give more statistics just to wrap your head around the 83%: In Ghana, 98% of discrepancies in extinction numbers over a 30 year period were attributed to the national park’s size and the people affecting it’s ecosystem within 30 miles of it. Ghana is nowhere near as advanced as more privileged countries: the E.U. or the U.S. Yet this footprint shows a reach extended by the technology advancing our civilization from the more advanced countries on Earth. This reach is both direct and indirect. Obviously pollution is an indirect factor and hunting down rare exotic animals is a direct one. But being 83% influential can be a positive thing too. Why don’t we move our weight around to dominate this planet in a good way? (possibly increasing our dominion for a little while longer in the process) It would not hurt to prevent one extra piece of plastic from going into the public drainage system and ending up choking “Nemo” (clown fish) to death because he thought it was delicious food. It’s just something to think about. Hope you don’t feel too bad after all we are only human.

Tell Me how to go from 83%- to 83%+. Share some ideas.

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4 thoughts on “How Influential are Humans on Earth?

  1. Well, I think there are enough options out there to make things more environment friendly.. ITs a matter of people taking responsibility for their actions and really doing their bit for the environment..! these can be forced upon by them by governments by rules and laws and fines.. to get the ball rolling instead of just trying the moral route.. !

    1. ya that’s true….that really shouldn’t have to happen though but then again in my opinion the “trash the Earth” attitude has come about due to our incessant necessity to advance as a civilization which inadvertently increased our dominion of our planet. In other words, I think we took our survival tactics and have been so efficient at surviving we have come to this point and are now “surviving” at the expense of every other living thing on Earth. But that’s just me! :p

  2. I believe that the key to keeping (most) of our modern amenities while reducing our ecological footprint is to “close the loop” in our manufacturing processes. Considering how many we are and how much we consume (energy and resources), the concept of “waste” should not exist. Products need to be designed not just for their intended use, but also for what happens to them after that use.
    Nature doesn’t produce waste. Why should we?!?

    1. Exactly. Waste shouldn’t exist. We have the technological know-how and means to reuse 100% of the waste produced by our inventions. Or at least we SHOULD have these tools by now. But we don’t. Like I mentioned to viehebdomadaires above, throwing waste into the ocean hasn’t really directly affected our survival as a species on Earth therefore hasn’t really been relevant to us as humans. However, now I believe this issue is sufficently problematic to us that we’re finally taking note of it. Hopefully sooner than later.

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