PollTime!!: Striking Down the CA. Video Game Law, Like/Dislike It?

You go ESA. You go girl!!! Show disgruntled parents who's boss!


About one month ago (June 28th, 2011 to be exact) the Supreme Court decided to overturn the law passed by the Governator, I doubt he will be back, Rep. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The law prohibited minors from purchasing video games across the state and got many people upset especially the ESA (Entertainment Software Association). Personally, being an avid gamer myself I feel it should be up to the parents to decide whether or not Batman: Arkham Asylum is appropriate for their children not the government. But I guess that’s one man’s opinion. What’s yours?

Click here to check out the original L.A. Times story or here to check out the ESA’s website.



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2 thoughts on “PollTime!!: Striking Down the CA. Video Game Law, Like/Dislike It?

  1. I’m not really “bitter and hate kids”, but I think that age restrictions have their place. We don’t let children play lotto or smoke cigarettes or go see movies that are rated R because it’s not in their best interest. And kids can make dumb decisions.

    1. So true. I think if the law is applied moderately rather than in extremes and doesn’t infringe upon basic constitutional rights then it wouldn’t be a bad idea. As I mentioned in the post, parents are still responsible for their children’s well-being until the age of 18 so legally it would make sense to give them the right to determine whether or not something is too violent for their kids. This is why I supported this law it wasn’t taking away anyone’s rights to determine whether or not their children should play a specific game it was just preventing kids from buying Mature oriented games without parental consent.

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