5 Reasons Aliens will Invade Earth.



Hello, hopefully today is a bright and beautiful day for you full of UV ray soaking action!. Or if you’re by chance trapped in a cubicle (like myself) then I hope you have had a chance to step outside for a stretch or a walk according to this other list article, it is healthy for you! (Hurry before you get abducted.)  So I love the idea of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations scattered among the universe. I think the innate human desire to not want to be alone is what gravitates people to pondering this idea. Compounded by the fact that we, as a species, do not consider any animals on Earth as our equals makes this notion all the more widespread among the populous (In my opinion). I really felt these articles were insightful on the speculation of the effects other sentient beings would have on us and our planet: Aliens Might Save Earth? & Aliens Could Attack Earth to End Global Warming, NASA Scientist Frets. They are both covering the recent Penn State/NASA Study. *** If you really want the full scientific breakdown for every scenario here is the full report!.


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5 Reason Countdown

1.  Destroy us to liberate the terrestrial and intergalactic ecosystem. According to one scenario from the study Extraterrestrials could outright destroy us because of how damage our polluted Earth will cause to other planets in the solar system. Elevated greenhouse gas emissions (from the expanding of the human civilization) are changing the spectral signature of Earth which is detectable from space.  I never knew pollution could be THAT bad.

2. Selfishness of wanting the universe all to themselves. This scenario actually made me smirk. It is funny to think you can manipulate gravity to the point of stopping your craft in mid flight to reverse direction or fly up from the atmosphere to space and still not have the common decency to share!.

3. They want to eat our brains. Another scenario pondered in the project was aliens would come to Earth because of their desire to breed and feed on us like we feed on cattle.

4. They need more “lab humans”. In much the same way our scientist use animals to test chemicals and products that might otherwise be harmful to humans, aliens might come to Earth to take people in order to test out their newest ray gun technology. Ouch.

5. (Personal Favorite) To enslave the whole human race. Extraterrestrial intelligence might come land on Earth to collect our species for intergalactic construction projects. I like this one because it would give us an incentive to finally work together. Maybe they’ll offer great retirement benefits.


Hope you enjoyed this brief synopsis on alien invasions on Earth!

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