Another Apple Employee Loses ANOTHER iPhone?!

The unsuspecting Gizmodo editor who had no idea he was reviewing stolen property! Luckily, the court of law felt he was telling the truth.

The Spin:

I swear reading this article for the first 5 minutes I had thought there had to be a mix up with my Google Alerts notification. After checking the date and allowing it to sink in that the contributor of the article was  referring to the iPhone 5 I realized I wasn’t crazy. So it seems Apple is having another stroke of bad luck with its iPhone prototypes and the irresponsible employees that lose them in tequila bars. (I don’t think a bar would be the ideal place to discuss the pros and cons of a prototype crucial to your company’s future success as leading smartphone developer, but that’s just me!) The only real differences between the two prototype cases is the first took place in Redwood City, CA while this one takes place in San Francisco, CA and Gizmodo hasn’t cashed in on this case yet (low blow!). Apparently Apple does not want to disclose too much of this incident because they probably are slightly embarrassed. Basically, the only details available right now are: the prototype is lost and one man thinks he might have spotted it on a train. Apple and San Francisco police seem to have traced the prototype to a two story house but to no avail. Hopefully this prototype doesn’t end up on a tech blogging site and damage Apple’s revenue this upcoming October.

For a good article explaining this news story in detail click here!

LOL this MIGHT have contributed to one of the many reasons that the Apple employee "misplaced" his prototype. Courtesy of the Naked Pheasant Blog.


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