BattleTime!!: Microsoft 8 Vs. iPad

Hellooooo everyone! Sorry for not being able to blog for the past few days I have been super swamped at work taking care of electronic recycling needs and trying to better the environment O:). Today I was planning on doing a list type of post (5 Reasons Aliens will Invade Earth) but I found another story based on tech companies battling it out for supremacy over the customers’ imagination (and wallet :D). In lieu of this most recent story I have decided there are way too many “battles” occurring between these giants so I have made a whole new categ0ry called: Tech Battles!! to better organize all these developments happening in the technological realm.


The Battle: This fight is going to be between Windows 8 and the iPad. In recent years the iPad has conquered and maintained utter domination of the electronic tablet market not giving any breathing room for other companies attempting to tap into tablet profits for themselves. Here is where Microsoft 8 is supposed to come in. The newest operating system is designed with tablets in mind. Lets check out an overview of the fighters. Source: Windows 8 Battling the iPad.

How cool does Windows 8 look?!




In This Corner: Windows 8, the newest upcoming addition to Microsoft’s family of OS’s that is providing users with a slew of upgraded features not present in Windows 7 as well as backwards compatibility. Check here for a more detailed list of rumored/certified enhancements. So far these features include:

  • Windows 8 is going to be designed to function on all PCs that work with Windows 7.
  • In addition to using mice and keyboards, Windows 8 users will be able to input information into the OS through voice commands and touch-screen capabilities! (<— Very exciting to me.)
  • The interface design is going to be similar to that of the Windows Phone one. It is a tile interface that is different from the classic interface style and users will need to download the classic interface as an application of they do not want the tile interface.
  • Windows 8 will also allow application programming in a wider variety of languages including: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS as well as “modern” programming languages such as: Visual Basic, C, C#, C++, .Net, Silverlight and XAML.
  • Microsoft will add an online Windows Store where users can download apps they enjoy or be directed straight to application developer websites.
  • Windows 8 is going to be available via flash drive! Microsoft is targeting this to business minded people who need the OS operating on several different PCs.
...But then iPads look so clean and nice..and futuristic. What a choice. I wonder what the Samsung/Microsoft tablet will look like?

& In The Other Corner: Everyone is obviously familiar with the iPad which is supposedly the majority of the reason for much of the conceptualization Microsoft ended up sticking with when building the Windows 8 operating system. Since iPad 3 is not coming out quite yet let’s review the current iPad 2’s specifications to see what Windows 8 needs to push through as much as possible before Apple’s new IOS and iPad 3 coming onto the market:

  • iPad 2 sports Wi-Fi + 3G capabilities.
  • Storage space for the iPad 2 comes in three wonderful colors: 16G, 32G & 64G.
  • iPad 2 is Bluetooth & EDR Technology capable.
  • Carriers for the iPad 2 include: AT&T and Verizon Wireless.
  • iPad 2 is about 9.7 inches diagonally and has Multi-Touch support.
  • 1 GHz dual core Apple A5 processor.
  • Two cameras: Back Camera- Records video, HD p720, still camera w/ 5x digital zoom. Front Camera- Records video, VGA 30 frames/sec. w/ audio, VGA quality still camera.
  • 25 Watt rechargeable lithium/polymer battery.
  • Up to 10 hours of usage before recharge needed.


Who will win? I really have no idea nor would I want to weigh my opinions on either contender until this match actually starts! Check back for more updates!


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