What is the World’s Fastest CPU? Bulldozer.

Since today is my Friday (I know I am blessed), I thought of ending my blogs this week with an Ask A Question post that sort of ties in with the personal computer theme I can’t get out of my head!

***SIDENOTE: I actually figured out my PSU (Power Supply Unit) for my computer is a stock dell PSU that has been running for at least 3 years. The problem is it has 4 12+v rails the strongest of which runs 30 amps WHEN it was purchased. That power has obviously been diminished since then and a system with a GeForce 8800 GTS (ancient video card) needs at LEAST 25/6 amps to function properly. Therefore daddy needs a new PSU (I’m thinking Corsair). I learned all this yesterday, computers are so fun and cheap! :ENDSIDENOTE***

So Bulldozer. Actually first lets check out what the fastest desktop CPU can do: Intel Core i7 995X. Want proof? Click here.

Intel Core i7 995X

Fastest market ready CPU. An unnecessary beast. Not out yet.

Details: The newest addition to the Intel family packs a punch from 6 processor cores! Additionally, this CPU incorporates Intel’s Hyper Threading Technology and 12mb of shared L3 cache memory. This processor will operate at 3.6 GHz AND able to operate at 3.86 with Turbo Boost enabled! This is going to be one strong CPU. The rest of the stats mirror those of the Intel Core i7 990x. According to this new story, Intel is pushing the release date of this CPU as early as possible due to the recent story of its competitor, bulldozer. Click here for more info. Want even MORE information? Click here.

AMD FX CPU (i.e. Bulldozer)

...The Bulldozer. Need I say more?

Details: AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) recently broke the record for the world’s fastest functioning CPU. The CPU nicknamed “Bulldozer” has overclocked at 8.429 GHz. Before this the previous speed in the Guinness World Book of Records was 8.309 GHz. This beast makes Intel’s beast mentioned above look like a bunny rabbit. Apparently the only issue AMD is having putting this chip out on the market is a bucket of liquid Nitrogen and liquid Helium in order for the CPU to not overheat. Personally, I feel that is way too much to learn for me right now. I am barely grasping the basics of computer maintenance let alone throwing chemistry into the mix. The processor has 8 cores making it two cores bigger than the Intel Core i7 995x!  The upside to this processor is, according to AMD, implementing fans and normal cooling systems found in PCs today would allow this CPU to reach speeds up to 5+ GHz. Still an amazing feat. Click here for more info.

Hopefully Intel finds a way to compete with this monstrosity and AMD finds a way to not make dumping liquid Nitrogen/Helium on it one of the requirements on the box!

Have a Great End of the Week!

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