6 Ways to Reuse Electronics You Don’t Need.


Nobody likes to swim in electronic waste!


Hello ladies and gentlemen. I hope the Starbucks coffee today tasted extra delicious and sufficiently well brewed. I felt that today I could discuss alternatives to just throwing away your old common electronics such as cell phones, dvd players and so on. People usually consider one option when an electronic has died or is old throw it away A.S.A.P. Today working for an electronic recycling company and all I felt it was a nice day to throw in a post actually about recycling (I know very wild concept). So read on for 6 possible alternatives to just dumping your electronics into the trash!

6 Ways to Avoid Illegally Dumping Your Electronics

  1. Give your cell phone to someone who needs it. Have an old cell phone you really don’t need? Something I have never understood is why people don’t consider trading cell phones or giving away old ones. As long as the other person and you are with the same carrier it would not be that big of a hassle plus it saves the other person’s time and money for taking your old cell phone when you get a new one and gets rid of your old phone once and for all.
  2. Retailer Trade-In! There are various retailers out there that offer you cash for your old electronics such as cell phone providers like Verizon Wireless which take older phones while offering a reduced price on a newer model (and an unnecessary contract renewal) or GameStop which takes used games from more recent gaming systems and pays you for them in store credit to apply to newer games.
  3. Contribute Your Electronics to a Charity. This is one of my favorite approaches to older electronics you have laying around the house. There are many people out there that do not have as much as you or I and donating older electronics you no longer use might make their day a little brighter being able to log into the internet and read the international news section on MSN.com to know current events happening in other parts of the world.
  4. Donate Cell Phones for Domestic Abuse Victims. Some charities out there actually take in broken/old cell phones, refurbish them and hand them out to domestic abuse victims just so they have a guaranteed way of dialing 9-1-1 for help when problems arise in their home.
  5. Recycle at a Retailer. In case you don’t want store credit at GameStop or a new plan at Verizon Wireless, retailers such as Best Buy are now starting to accept ANY old electronics you have no use for to make their mark in a better society as well as to participate in yet another aspect of the life of the products they sell. Click here for the Best Buy Recycling Program to find out more!
  6. Recycle with EZPC Recycle! This by far might be the best option for all involved parties. Not only because its an obvious plug for my company, but also because it makes the as much sense as trading in an old cell phone for a newer model at Verizon Wireless or for giving it to Best Buy to not deal with it on your own. In comparison to  retailer EZPC Recycle can actually pay you for bringing in old electronic waste that you already are required by law to dump correctly anyways. Essentially payment by a recycling center for your e-waste is based off of how much the government is paying them for e-waste at that specific point in time so, obviously, if bargaining is an option doing your homework on what your selling would always be recommended.

I hope this list has been super informative if not at least somewhat informative! Remember to recycle with a legitimate recycling center that you KNOW will recycle your electronic waste properly through the DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances and Control). Have a great Tuesday!

EZPC Recycling, Inc.
CEO, Miguel Bautista
We recycle all your electronic needs.
Recycle the EZ Way! With EZPC Recycle.

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