iPhones Eliminating the Need for iPods?!

Out of these three only one will continue existing. I'll give you a hint: its the iPod Touch. XD


The Spin:

iPhone rumors are spreading once again with the supposed upcoming unveiling of the iPhone 5 this October. According to the International Business Times, Apple is planning to eliminate the original iPod and iPod Shuffle from its future product lineups in favor of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Nano. This would mean the only alternatives for people who do not want to pay for the iPod Touch or an iPhone would be to get a Nano. To be honest I have never even owned an iPod (I know it sort of bugs me too), not because I cannot afford it but because I don’t see the need. I guess Apple has gone down this route as well considering the iPod a usurping dinosaur not paying its rent to continue living in the Apple Mansion.

I guess the fact that you secured Apple as an "equal" competitor to PCs means nothing to them iPod Classic!
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