Top 4 Recycling Misconceptions.

Hello everyone! This past week was an incredibly hectic week. We have been negotiating new contracts with very important clients and I am very excited about our future with them! For now however I really wanted to go back to recycling topics and e-waste related articles (even though it might be a little boring :p) because well I do work for an electronics recycling center and recycling is (or at least should be) an important facet of our daily lives. So for today’s post I decided to list the top 5 misconceptions people have about recycling. Some are actually shocking to me too others not so much.

The 5 ULTIMATE Misconceptions About RECYCLING

  1. Landfills are not a problem. WRONG. Landfill space in the United States is as a whole still very unused. According to the NSWMA (National Solid Wastes Management Association) America still has about 20 years left for landfill space across the country. Individual states however (Rhode Island, and most of the northern part of the U.S.) are extremely limited in the future space they have available for landfills and, in Rhode Island’s case, sometimes have less than a few years of space really pushing them to figure out another solution alone.
  2. Recycling Truck Usage Hurts O-Zone More Than Garbage Being Picked Up. Garbage trucks actually are nowhere CLOSE to burning enough gas in order to top the energy consumption used in manufacturing the trash they’re picking up. According to the NSWMA, an average garbage truck consumes .9 million BTU processing and pickup up garbage while a manufacturing plant making the garbage burns 10.4-23.3 million BTU.
  3. Your city is Getting Rich Getting Paid Out for Recyclable Materials. Also WRONG. Most cities are not receiving any or much compensation for recycling anything due to very unfavorable contracts they still have with several recycling companies. This is due to the fact back when these contracts were being negotiated conditions were more volatile and less lucrative, NOW however conditions are much better and these cities cannot partake in the payouts.
  4. Most Plastics Put in Recycling Bins Ends Up in the General garbage Dump. Semi-false. Many garbage dumps do not accept plastic but gradually many of them are starting to phase in plastic trash due to advances in plastic sorting technology!

Thank you for reading!


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