Cool New Way to Compare Energy Costs!

Facebook has invented another modern innovation that might greatly assist people that need to fill in a void but this time it might be a void that people actually could need help filling. Of course I’m talking about energy consumption. Energy consumption is one of the most cost effective reductions one could make to their utilities bill yet most people still can’t afford doing it because of all of the flat screen t.v.s and computer monitors we have plugged into our house.

Well Facebook has come to the rescue yet again with a new innovative app called the  “social energy” app. This app is designed to alleviate the concerns of everyday people that are worried they are spending way too much money on utility consumption for their household. So how does it work? Basically the app will have two functions. The first will be to serve as an informative tool that the homeowner could use to compare himself/herself to the national average in regards to energy consumption. The other function (which to me is pretty cool) is to serve as another app type game people can play with their friends online. Each individual racks up points when they lower their energy consumption compared to other individuals. The app can be played in groups competing with other groups and every time you beat your other group of friends you get points to “level up” a rank on the application. The NRDC, Facebook and Opower are responsible for the app and hope it proves an effective way to increase awareness for the environment amongst all users using the application. I hope it does too!

To check out more information please go here:

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