Apple Starts Feeling the Absence of Jobs.

Possibly deadly competition for iPhone 4S?


Wall Street and Apple’s relationship is starting to get rocky. Apple has been having pretty rough times recently ever since the passing of the late great Steve Jobs and the problems have only been compounded by the recent downturn Apple has experienced in sales, specifically iPhone sales. According to the Wall Street Journal, analysts had previously speculated fiscal earnings for Apple would amount to approximately 20 million iPhones for the quarter but Apple instead sold just around 17 million. 3 million iPhones is a MASSIVE difference especially when your main competitor (Android) has a new Nexus phone coming out with a more improved OS from Google.

However there is a light at the end of Apple’s tunnel! CEO Tim Cook has been announcing his hopes for the upcoming iPhone 4S and has said iPhone 4S sales will boost earnings for the upcoming quarter enough to alleviate the past blemish that Apple did not expect. Hopefully this is not a sign of future dark things to come for the innovative tech company.

If you would like to read the article yourself click here!


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