Top 5 “Tree Hugging” IT Companies.

By Tree Hugging I mean environmentally friendly. ComputerWorld has taken it upon itself to review top IT companies to see which ones fit the bill the best when it comes down to taking care of your environment. It turns out out of the 70 applicants there were 12 top energy efficient companies that actually really care about their surroundings in which they live and strive to improve the quality of life outside of their own by incorporating “green” efficient practices into the workplace….and making a nice salary while they do it. Here are examples of some initiatives these companies have been taking:

  • Kaiser Permanente– Employees for Kaiser developed their own methods for measuring cooling systems. Plus they have actual “Keep IT Green” teams focused on brainstorming and implementing new practices that positively affect the environment each month.
  • All State Insurance– This company views green initiatives with a more practical approach. They focus on ideas that help them save money AND prove to be good for the environment.
  • KPMG– This Big 4 accounting firm is focusing on mutliple ways to decrease its carbon footprint: migrating to blade servers, raising data center temperatures, utilizing video chat to avoid transportation for company meetings and implementing solar panels where applicable on their company buildings.
  • State Street– This corporation cut its energy usage by 50% using compression technology! Specifically they used compression and deduplication technologies in order to drive down storage capacity by 40-50% That is a monumental difference when saving energy costs. According to Computerworld however StateStreet has been driven to better the environment for 10 years and keeps going.
  • NBC Universal– The giant network company NBC decided to contribute its “2 cents” to the improvement of the environment with just a small contribution of 47 TONS of hardware (a.k.a. e-waste) that they ultimately did not need. Specifically, NBC “virtualized” enough servers to shut down 2,000 physical servers which was about 60% of the total amount of servers they had.

These are just a few of the 12 companies covered by Computerworld. If you’re interested in reading more about these mean “green” machines or want to know about the rest of the list please click here!

If not then have a great Monday! Only 1 week left until Halloween!


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