First the iPod Now a Thinking Thermostat?

Tony Fadell. Most definitely one of the most single important names you have probably never heard of in your life. How you ask? Oh well you know that insanely revolutionary electronic product that literally changed the way you listened to music on the go? You know….the iPod? Or the follow up success the iPhone? Well you should thank Mr. Fadell for both of those Apple products. That is correct, Mr. Fadell was the mind behind most of the newer innovations and reasons for Apple being as powerful of a force as it has been in recent years. He was the guy that actually convinced Mr. Jobs. He convinced the guy responsible for convincing the majority of a nation (enough to make a company a very strong competitor to Google and Microsoft) to invest their time and money into a radically new invention nobody had seen before.

Same Innovative Inventions, Just a Different Day:

Now that Tony Fardell has departed from Apple he decided his genius could contribute to our world in a more meaningful, productive way rather than creating neat little gadgets that become e-waste after a year or two from being used. His response to this much too common issue was the invention of a thinking thermostat! Mr. Fardell’s company, Nest Labs, has patented and started taking orders for Nest the learning thermostat. Essentially this neat little thermostat assists you in tackling many of your common thermostat problems you’re probably having right now: continuous programming while you leave/walk around the house, dedicated power source for your thermostat, easy installation. So how does this little monster of a thermostat tackle these issues?: Nest learns and remembers behaviors of household members and will prolong/shorten the duration of time its on for without you touching it AND manages heat/air conditioning for itself if left alone for awhile saving you energy without even trying, Nest also comes equipped with its own rechargeable battery and lastly is completely installed within 20 minutes! There are many more benefits to this little wonder and I highly condone at least checking it out at the Nest Lab website here. It might just be exactly what you’re looking for!

Have a Great Tuesday!

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