Project Dolphin Solar Farm….very catchy.

This is one Apple looking solar farm. Don't ya think?


Sounds like a really cool video game project actually. So I think by now people “glued” to my blogs probably know I am somewhat fascinated by Apple and the stories tied to them. Well this article is most definitely no different! Apparently Apple has depended on coal powered, o-zone depleting power plants to sustain the massive maintenance of cloud servers and large scale production of iPods they’ve so ingeniously mass produced. I wonder why no one ever mentioned these all important facts in the media…ever! Hmmmm well I still really like Apple and I think, after all the success they’ve had, it might finally be time to upgrade the electric/coal system they (and many other corporations) use. Of course Apple never goes in (or out) without a bang! so the most logical alternative to coal powered electricity would be a SOLAR FARM.

Yes it’s true. Apple has begun building a massive solar farm on a 171 acre lot it owns in Catawba County, North Carolina. So what is a solar farm? Well great question! Let me tell you. Solar farms are power plants that essentially focus on producing energy through solar power. Basically a bunch of solar panels are put up in the solar farm to collect as much energy as possible from the sun which is then stored in these “farms” which (in Apple’s case) can then power the facility or facilities that require power consumption!

This really cool innovation not only helps reduce Apple’s carbon footprint on the world but also will allow Apple to save money (alot of money) on a more “green” solution freeing up their funds to focus on producing better iPods!

Want to read up a little more on solar farms? Click here! How about skimming through the article for the Apple Solar Farm? Try here.

We are at the middle of the week people. You can do iiiiit.

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