Does the New iPhone Have a Battery Problem?

Hopefully this is not going to continue for much longer (at least for Apple) but there is an apparent issue involving the iPhone 4S and its battery. According to way too many iPhone users, the brand spanking new and magnificent iPhone 4S cannot last longer than an hour before eating up around 15% of the battery life of the phone! Not only does the battery drain ridiculously quick, but charging it overnight is not going to help things. That is exactly what the author of this article tried here.

In order to curb the increasing dissatisfaction being experienced by many new iPhone users, Apple engineers have contacted various users to let them install a tracking file on their iPhones in order to determine what exactly is causing the problem. An upside to all this news is that the problem seems to be a software issue. This means a simple Apple software update would make everything right again in the world of iPhone 4S users. Let’s just hope this problem doesn’t end up being hardware related.

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