Gmail is Sexier Than Ever!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog smack dab in the middle of (what I hope) is a very busy and productive work week to keep that clock mindlessly ticking away to the last hour before you “bounce”. So let’s get down to Gmail!

New Features:

– First off you will never have to worry about leaving the left hand side navigation panel all by its lonesome because of the newly enhanced scrolling panel! Whether your trying to chat with friends or deleting messages, this panel now (finally) scrolls with you.

– At the top right we have a neat little gear icon that, when clicked, actually changes the spacing in between letters to three different sizes. This ingenious concept is actually “geared” (get it?) towards making the view for Gmail much better if your on a device other than a computer.

– Even Conversation View got a facelift for the new Gmail layout. messages from your FAV friends are now accompanied by their profile pics on the left hand side making message viewing much easier this time around. Additionally, small little grey icons have replaced the myriad of options available per convo making it slightly more time consuming when looking for the option you want but does add a much more sleek look compared to the old layout.

– Not only is the layout being revamped for Gmail but the search box is too. Have a message that you’re looking for dating back to November 12, 2010? Just click the drop down arrow when you type in the document name and filter the search by date! Yes Google is spoiling us rotten with these benefits.

This about sums up the Gmail additions and cool new facelift it got from the older style. I personally love the color green but maybe later on they will include a change color feature! Or maybe they already have…..

Friday is coming up!

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