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Zero waste can be achieved – Waste & Recycling News.

Across the country, and among many kinds of organizations, there’s an emerging trend that’s ambitious, yet achievable: diverting 100% of an organization’s waste from landfills.

I spoke to several industry experts to find out how an organization can take this initiative from concept to success, including insights from Kirk Varga, chief sales officer at the International Environmental Alliance; Eric Dixon, vice president of Waste Management Sustainability Services; Jay Coalson, executive director of Zero Waste Alliance; and RecycleMatch CEO Brooke Farrell.

Varga reminds us, “A zero-waste initiative is a great way for a facility to stay ahead of the sustainability curve, enhance positive visibility and save money.”

Additionally, Rural Action says, “In this new cultural paradigm, waste no longer has an end point; it is not seen as something that just goes away. Rather, waste is a part of a closed-loop system that mimics natural cycles.”

Large corporations like General Motors Co. have announced incredible achievements. GM, for instance, recently said its 100th facility has achieved 100% waste diversion.

Through a collective effort, defining goals, engaging employees and auditing the waste stream, zero waste is possible.