Electronics Recycling: What’s in it for YOU?

by Nicholas Jacobs

You’ve heard all about the environment, and why you should care about saving it.  You’ve been hearing that most of your life, if not all of it.  But let’s talk about what’s in it for you, should you choose to get on board with the environmental movement.  For too long has the well-spread image of the tree-hugging, kumbahyah-singing hippie been synonymous with the environmentalist; in reality, there are reasons for people in a consumer society to embrace it.

For starters, cleaner energy sources keep costs down.  This includes using recycled systems, or upgrading to systems that are more energy-efficient.  Recycled computer parts assist here by supplying recent technology that has been recycled by the primary user who likely received it brand new, when it was first-rate tech.  The firms who are most likely to invest in this technology are also the ones who are the most likely to upgrade it at the soonest feasible chance, so it is also likely that it will not be long before some of this still very relevant and efficient tech will be in recycling centers.  Here, the average consumer can purchase the same first-rate computer items that the big corporations are using, but at a far less costly sum.  These energy-saving systems mean savings for you and your home.

If you need a computer, even if it’s just a basic one for school use, you should consider contacting an electronics recycler near you.  Many systems that are recycled are still fully functional, and, after having sensitive personal data removed and destroyed, they can be resold as used systems for very reasonable prices indeed.  If you’re more technologically savvy and have a creative streak, there is sure to be a smorgasbord of computer components waiting to be taken home and built into your system.  The possibilities of bulk supply and heavy discounts offered by e-recyclers are truly endless.

The most important aspect of electronics recycling is, of course, the primary purpose: to recollect materials, and prevent them from being simply dumped.  But what does this mean for you?  Even if you could care less about the environment, there are reasons to support the proper handling of electronics waste.  Primarily, many electronics contain hazardous materials.  If they find their way into landfills, these materials may pollute the groundwater in the surrounding communities, which poses a threat to your health.  Additionally, when it is possible to demanufacture computers and other electronic components into their materials, it is possible to remanufacture these into virtually anything, which enables the prices of many consumer products to be driven down, not just in your community, but nationwide and worldwide.

There is never a bad moment to realize how important it is to participate in recycling programmes.  As we’ve seen, electronics recycling that is likely to be done right in your community saves you money, saves your health, lowers your energy bill, and assists in economic stimulation and development.  Even if you don’t care about the planet or any of that hippie stuff, you should get on board with recycling because you’re selfish and you want to pay less money for good tech and clean power.  Either way, you win, and the planet does, too.

Posted for your benefit by EZPC Recycle‘s Web Crew


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