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It’s not unknown knowledge that pollution is a problem in our world today. But the extent to which this poses is threat may be surprising. New research shows that natural ocean processes such as wind, drag, turbulence and wave height can push the plastic deep down where it remains unnoticed by scientists examining the ocean’s surface. “Plastic bags strangling sea sponges. Beer bottles colonized by sea lilies. Such images of ocean pollution aren’t usually associated with the remote, icy waters of the Arctic, but snapshots of the seafloor suggest the northern region is becoming increasingly littered with plastic.” (Megan Gannon, LiveScience).

Underwater cameras are regularly used to capture deep sea activities in order to analyze the presence of different inhabitants. Scientists constantly study the biodiversity throughout the oceans. But what seems to be a reoccurring appearance is the unwelcome sight of trash and pollution on the ocean floor. These appearances are not…

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