Sustainable Waste | Speaking of E-waste. The secret life of mobile phones

The video, made by, gives an answer to many central questions about the issue of e-waste, and in particular of mobile phones, recycling and disposal:

  • How are cell phones related to pollution, health, and global warming?
  • How much gold and silver can you get out of a cell phone?
  • Where do old cell phones and mobile devices go when you recycle them?
  • Why should you take those phones out of your sock drawer and take them back?
  • What toxins are in a typical cell phone?

More information can be found on their report. Reading the report I would like to share some of the very valuable information they share.

According to at the end of 2006 there were over 233 million mobile phones in use in US. Assuming that a person keeps a phone for 18 months on average, over 150 million phones are replaced per year…

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