Nature Made Simple

shutterstock_5091322All this talk, all this hype over “being green” and “living a sustainable lifestyle” – is that really it? I think it’s time for a revision on this whole “movement”. How about you?

Let us start by dissecting “being green”. What does that really mean? Even two of my companies have the word “green” in them. I chose that word for one reason and one reason only – people get it. When I say I have solutions for people looking to “go green”, the majority of people understand that I have something that will help them feel better about themselves by helping them a) make healthier choices; b) use “earth-friendly” products; and c) reduce their “carbon footprint” by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

But is the term “being green” a good one? Personally I think it’s okay. People get it and that is the main point of anything, right? That…

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