Trash Backwards Blog

By Liesl Clark

Our nearest store is less than a mile away. Occasionally, my kids and I take a walk there so they can have an ice cream. We run down a long hill which is our road and always bring a bag to collect the roadside trash. Each time we do this, we pick up more than 100 beverage containers. What kind, you might ask?

We find glass bottles including large and mini wine bottles, aluminum cans, box wine, plastic water and soda bottles, plastic cups with lids and straws, and single-use coffee cups. Why do we Americans toss our drink containers out of our cars, onto our roadsides? More importantly, why the need to have a drink while driving? If you’re on a long road trip, I can understand why you’d have a beverage by your side. But we live on an island 2 miles wide by 6…

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