Programmatic Ponderings

Like thousands of technology-driven consumers, our family recently upgraded an older laptop. As a Christmas gift, my daughter received an Intel Core i3 Windows laptop. The new laptop replaced her well-worn Intel Core 2 laptop. That old Core 2 was my previous development laptop. It had been upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro. It also had its RAM increased and a bigger hard drive installed. But after a few years of heavy use, it seemed painfully slow, bloated with endless software installs and Windows updates. It was certainly too under-powered to support an upgrade to Windows 8.

With four family members usually upgrading their laptops every 3-4 years, my daughter’s old laptop was destined to join a growing stack of ‘retired’ electronics in our basement — until today. In just a few hours, I transformed that laptop into ‘mean, lean, open-source-breathing, Ubuntu-powered machine’. Okay, well maybe not that dramatic, but…

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