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Roy-ID Photo (2)During the 2012 Election, serious environmental concerns were addressed. With President Obama being elected for another term, he will have his hands full with these issues. Here are the five things that require the most attention:

1) Clean Energy

There are several policies on clean energy being reviewed to counteract the negative effects the use of fossil fuels has on our environment and economy. The United States’ use of 19.6 million barrels of oil a day, 25% more than the world’s total, easily causes global warming. Renewable energy like the use of wind, solar paneling, and geothermal energy allow less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By providing clean energy, global warming will slow down, and the damaged economy will get the boost it needs. The implementation of some of these policies will also benefit the economy by creating new jobs.

2) Climate Change

Climate change also contributes to the jeopardy…

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