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Photo:Tom Lolan Photography

Green in today’s vernacular is not just a color. It’s a badge worn proudly by millions of Americans that screams, “we love the world we live in and we are doing our part, are you”? It’s a statement. Green stands for a lifestyle that pushes the intellectual limits of capitalism to find a way to not just think about profits, but the impact of making these profits is having on the world that it’s developing. Green doesn’t just mean money anymore. Hippies, Deadheads, Stoners, Tree Huggers, Phishies, Smellers, call them what you like, but they have beat the environmental drum long and loud enough that finally the mainstream culture is starting to listen.

The environmental movement was born over 100 years ago with the preservationists visions of John Muir and conversationalist dreams of Gifford Pinchot, but real action came forty years later with the fear of nuclear…

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