Upcycling at its finest!

Utopian Dreaming

There are few things sadder than a junk yard full of broken down old cars.  They’re like rusty souvenirs of the failed (and continuously failing) American dream.  Not only did these poor machines unknowingly burn up our skies, but they weren’t made to last or have second lives.

That’s why this  company’s project is so appreciated.  LOLA Madrid has found a way to give old clunkers new life in a far more sustainable and healthy means of transportation –bicycles.  The cars’ upholstery is used to make seats, doors become part of the frame, turn signals become reflective lights; the list goes on and on.  No longer do these dismal roadsters need to sit abandoned in the lot.  They can bring joy to people once again, helping with the issue of recycling old materials as well as providing a healthier, more eco-friendly way to get from A to B.  Wonderful!

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