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Cleveland's Star 102

Are you tired of getting the phone books dropped off on your lawn, porch, or tossed in your driveway? Do you even use them? Times have changed, if we need an address, phone number or restaurant we can simply pick up our smart phone which is usually within arms reach, get the phone number to our favorite restaurant along with reviews, specials and directions.

Having no use for the phone books, we just re-delivered them to the paper recycling bin without even opening them.  If you’d like to “Opt-Out” from getting the phone books delivered to your home click here for the link then choose the “Opt-Out” tab.

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In today’s market, everyone is focused on being “green.” Has anyone ever stopped to ask, “Are we being too green?” In some cases, I think we are. In the hopes of impressing our peers with how green we are, we might actually be losing touch with the basics of living a sustainable life.

Paper: It’s a race to see how many logos you can get on your printed piece. Is it FSC-, SFI-, or Rainforest Alliance-certified, printed with soy inks, powered by wind energy, 100% PCW recycled, carbon neutral, printed by a man wearing recycled shorts, and not printed on Earth Day? We are going to need business cards that are 8.5″ x 11″ to hold all these logos on the back. But have we ever thought about if we need those printed materials or not? (Jump back to my previous post for more info. on paper and “greenness.”)


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