DIY Upcycling

In today’s world of “Green is better”, people, companies, and artists are capitalizing on the opportunity.  An entirely new lexicon has come into being to keep up with the accelerating demands. “Upcycling” is defined as “The process of converting waste materials or products into new materials or products of better quality or better environmental value.” Upcycling has performed an extraordinary feat; with just a little spark of creativity, one can turn even their most dilapidated objects into refulgent gems.

This has spawned a veritable cornucopia of opportunities for those interested in transfiguring everyday household objects into brilliant works of art. Websites like Tumblr, Pintrest, and Etsy Shop have exploded with content from their members that inspire thousands of people every day.

Thinking about getting into Upcycling? Try painting a theme onto an old six-pack cardboard and converting it into a place setting carrier. Or cutting the paper tubes found in paper towels and toilet paper into short cylinders, paint them, cover the opening with pictures, and use them to create a photo collage.  There are a multitude of options at your disposal.



This helpful recycling tip brought to you by our family at EZPC Recycle.





Etsy Shop


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