Have an Android? Check These Top 10 Apps Out!

We all know the various problems are smartphones can solve nowadays anywhere from “shazaming” your favorite song to find out what it’s called to typing in your caloric intake to shed more pounds with a diet oriented app. Our phones have evolved into multifunctional devices we rely on MUCH more than we did in the past.

Taking the application concept to a completely higher level is the Android OS for Android phones. Basically the Android platform has really succeeded in creating a developer friendly marketplace for literally anyone wanting to try their hand at developing phone applications using a computer. As a result of such an open ended marketplace with minor fees to Google for selling your app in the Android marketplace, many different and interesting apps have hit “virtual” Droid shelves. Here we are going to break down what InformationWeek feels are the top 10 apps every Droid user should never be without!

Top 10 Android Apps!!!

  1. Documents To Go. This neat little app makes it possible for you to revise, check AND edit Microsoft Office documents while eating lunch or out of the office. The free version allows the reading of the document but for just $14.95 you could open any .doc file up and actually make edits to it!
  2. Dolphin Browser HD. Ever tried surfing the internet on a Droid phone? I will admit it was VERY frustrating when I had one. That is also why this second application is sort of bittersweet for me (wish I knew about it sooner!). It is essentially a very well put together browser alternative for all those internet surfers out there (get a tan!). The interface is great and it does really well in succinctly describing the various feeds you want covered.
  3. Color Flashlight. This application is very cool. Let’s say you are completely stuck in the dark with a power outage or in a drastic situation where you have no access to anything but your Android phone. Well, this app is literally a flashlight. Yes! a flashlight. It illuminates pretty nicely around you and even has different effects and colors to change it to in case you want to be found somewhere and are surrounded by a specific color. With this phone you could change the illuminating light to a contrasting color and voila! Light!
  4. Gasbuddy. I have actually personally used this app and it is AWESOME! It really does work. basically you either make a profile to let it record where you have been before so it can quickly show you gas prices near your typical haunts OR you can type the zip code your currently in and it pulls up gas stations around you that have gas prices marked by other patrons that checked into that gas station. It’s genius!
  5. GateGuru. So this is a really interesting app. In case you ever have an international flight or cross county flight you should really get this app. Essentially it takes the confusion out of boarding the right terminals and figuring out which gate you need to go to. It lists gates, terminals and flight times to make sure you know exactly where you’re going.
  6. Google Translate. I really want to try this app out of all these other apps the most. So does your group of friends make people think you’re all coming from a UN conference? Well in case you feel a schism between you and these intercultural buddies of yours you can actually use this app to converse with them in their own languages in real time. It is an actual translator and it actually works. Also works with text messages.
  7. History Eraser. This is one app I could most definitely use! If you ever have issues with privacy and worry when giving away your old phones for others to use (or for money) people will accidentally stumble upon a naughty text message history log or confidential codes for America’s Nuclear Silos. Then this app might do you some good. It erases everything I mean EVERYTHING from your data history on your phone. From history logs to the frequently called list nothing will stick around in the bowels of your smartphone to become subject to nosy peepers sticking their noses where they don’t belong.
  8. Kindle & Nook. By now most people must know what these two little cool gadgets are. For those who don’t the Kindle and Nook are tablets used specifically for reading books on the go. You purchase the book electronically and can load it up on the Nook/Kindle and save it with virtual bookmarks. It’s also lit so you can read anywhere without any problems. Well this app is like a Kindle/Nook adapter for your smartphone. Download the app and don’t worry about purchasing the e-reader!
  9. Lookout Mobile Security. I never thought smartphones could be attacked by malware but I guess that only makes sense considering you can connect to the internet on these phones and the OS is made up of a bunch of code. So it also makes sense these phones should be protected by antivirus apps. Well Lookout Mobile Security seems to be one of the better apps out there and it not only scans for spyware/malware but also backs up your information and manages privacy settings all on one dashboard. Exceptional.
  10. Touchdown! No this is not a football app. Although I’m sure there must be one very similar in name to this one that is. This is actually an app for better management of Microsoft Exchange. It allows you to access your email accounts while logging into Microsoft Exchange without having to use any Android emails. It seems to be the most literal translation one can come across on the Android of the Microsoft Exchange program.

Well that sums up the most beneficial, coolest apps on the market to date! Hopefully all of you find use for at least a few or one of these handy applications! If you want more information or would like to read the original article please click here.




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Top 4 Recycling Misconceptions.

Hello everyone! This past week was an incredibly hectic week. We have been negotiating new contracts with very important clients and I am very excited about our future with them! For now however I really wanted to go back to recycling topics and e-waste related articles (even though it might be a little boring :p) because well I do work for an electronics recycling center and recycling is (or at least should be) an important facet of our daily lives. So for today’s post I decided to list the top 5 misconceptions people have about recycling. Some are actually shocking to me too others not so much.

The 5 ULTIMATE Misconceptions About RECYCLING

  1. Landfills are not a problem. WRONG. Landfill space in the United States is as a whole still very unused. According to the NSWMA (National Solid Wastes Management Association) America still has about 20 years left for landfill space across the country. Individual states however (Rhode Island, and most of the northern part of the U.S.) are extremely limited in the future space they have available for landfills and, in Rhode Island’s case, sometimes have less than a few years of space really pushing them to figure out another solution alone.
  2. Recycling Truck Usage Hurts O-Zone More Than Garbage Being Picked Up. Garbage trucks actually are nowhere CLOSE to burning enough gas in order to top the energy consumption used in manufacturing the trash they’re picking up. According to the NSWMA, an average garbage truck consumes .9 million BTU processing and pickup up garbage while a manufacturing plant making the garbage burns 10.4-23.3 million BTU.
  3. Your city is Getting Rich Getting Paid Out for Recyclable Materials. Also WRONG. Most cities are not receiving any or much compensation for recycling anything due to very unfavorable contracts they still have with several recycling companies. This is due to the fact back when these contracts were being negotiated conditions were more volatile and less lucrative, NOW however conditions are much better and these cities cannot partake in the payouts.
  4. Most Plastics Put in Recycling Bins Ends Up in the General garbage Dump. Semi-false. Many garbage dumps do not accept plastic but gradually many of them are starting to phase in plastic trash due to advances in plastic sorting technology!

Thank you for reading!


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6 Ways to Reuse Electronics You Don’t Need.


Nobody likes to swim in electronic waste!


Hello ladies and gentlemen. I hope the Starbucks coffee today tasted extra delicious and sufficiently well brewed. I felt that today I could discuss alternatives to just throwing away your old common electronics such as cell phones, dvd players and so on. People usually consider one option when an electronic has died or is old throw it away A.S.A.P. Today working for an electronic recycling company and all I felt it was a nice day to throw in a post actually about recycling (I know very wild concept). So read on for 6 possible alternatives to just dumping your electronics into the trash!

6 Ways to Avoid Illegally Dumping Your Electronics

  1. Give your cell phone to someone who needs it. Have an old cell phone you really don’t need? Something I have never understood is why people don’t consider trading cell phones or giving away old ones. As long as the other person and you are with the same carrier it would not be that big of a hassle plus it saves the other person’s time and money for taking your old cell phone when you get a new one and gets rid of your old phone once and for all.
  2. Retailer Trade-In! There are various retailers out there that offer you cash for your old electronics such as cell phone providers like Verizon Wireless which take older phones while offering a reduced price on a newer model (and an unnecessary contract renewal) or GameStop which takes used games from more recent gaming systems and pays you for them in store credit to apply to newer games.
  3. Contribute Your Electronics to a Charity. This is one of my favorite approaches to older electronics you have laying around the house. There are many people out there that do not have as much as you or I and donating older electronics you no longer use might make their day a little brighter being able to log into the internet and read the international news section on MSN.com to know current events happening in other parts of the world.
  4. Donate Cell Phones for Domestic Abuse Victims. Some charities out there actually take in broken/old cell phones, refurbish them and hand them out to domestic abuse victims just so they have a guaranteed way of dialing 9-1-1 for help when problems arise in their home.
  5. Recycle at a Retailer. In case you don’t want store credit at GameStop or a new plan at Verizon Wireless, retailers such as Best Buy are now starting to accept ANY old electronics you have no use for to make their mark in a better society as well as to participate in yet another aspect of the life of the products they sell. Click here for the Best Buy Recycling Program to find out more!
  6. Recycle with EZPC Recycle! This by far might be the best option for all involved parties. Not only because its an obvious plug for my company, but also because it makes the as much sense as trading in an old cell phone for a newer model at Verizon Wireless or for giving it to Best Buy to not deal with it on your own. In comparison to  retailer EZPC Recycle can actually pay you for bringing in old electronic waste that you already are required by law to dump correctly anyways. Essentially payment by a recycling center for your e-waste is based off of how much the government is paying them for e-waste at that specific point in time so, obviously, if bargaining is an option doing your homework on what your selling would always be recommended.

I hope this list has been super informative if not at least somewhat informative! Remember to recycle with a legitimate recycling center that you KNOW will recycle your electronic waste properly through the DTSC (Department of Toxic Substances and Control). Have a great Tuesday!

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5 PC Issues I Cannot Stand.

Remember 9.11 United We Stand. Please click here for the official site to the 9-11 memorial.


Hello everyone, I hope your week hasn’t been too stressful! We are nearing the often duplicated but never emulated (I heard that in a song) day known as Friday! WhooOOOOOOO! For me this week and last has been rather frustrating due to the fact that my desktop computer at home has completely fallen apart. I guess that is how computers die. They randomly start shutting off on you exhibiting symptoms of old age such as: BSODs, hardware issues, random intervals of lag and random freezing.

So for today I decided to discuss the 5 most annoying, day-ruining symptoms of a dead or dying computer based on what I have experienced in the past 2 weeks.

N0w Loading Top 5 Annoying PC Issues Please Wait…………………

Why can't BSODs look more like this Microsoft?! Then I wouldn't mind them happening so often!

Issue 1: BSOD, also known as Blue Screen Of DEATH. I despise this issue I hadn’t discovered until last week. BSODs occur when serious errors cause your computer system to abruptly crash. BSODs are actually technically called STOP errors. It is an annoying blue screen that seems to contain the most cryptic ambiguous messages about how broken your computer is with some generic self help information. I quickly realized those numbers on the screen are actually codes that change depending on what is failing on your system. Click here for STOP errors.

Issue 2: Hard Disk Failure. This happens to be another serious problem with computers and coincidentally, also happened to be this past week. Hard Drives are square electronic storage compartments for your computers, any computer. Every computer has a hard drive and eventually they will break. The only problem with hard drives is it is very difficult to tell when they will break on you because it could happen overnight. Here is a mini list of common HDD failures:

  • Head Crash- This happens when the drive head of the HDD touches the platter where all your information is magnetically stored. When this happens both the head and the data will be ruined and is irretrievable.
  • Magnetic Media Alignment- In other words “bad sectors”. In this case your HDD has sectors which are not holding the correct magnetic alignments with the rest of the platter and therefore causes data to be inaccessible. This is the reason why people always say backup your data…I found out the hard way! In this case the HDD can continue to be used once you use a low level format to mark the bad sectors on the drive in order to not write data on them anymore.
  • Shattered Platter- Many mobile computers used glass platters inside the HDDs which were making them susceptible to rough handling problems that would shatter the platters.
  • Logic Board Issues- Sometimes the logic board (communicates information from computer to HDD) electrically malfunctions making it impossible to continue writing data to the disk.

Issue 3: Motherboard Breaks. When this less common problem arises usually the most obvious symptom is going to be your computer not turning on at all. Steps to troubleshooting this problem can be found here.

Issue 4: Monitor Problem. Currently I am having this issue with my Gateway monitor so hopefully I can fix it. The only real problem that contributes to this issue is an old monitor that was rarely turned off when used. Good practice for your monitors would be to ensure it is shut off whenever not in use because computers emit rays that continuously degrade the lifespan of a monitor.

Issue 5: Power Supply Issue. This is another issue I am having problems with more recently. Power supply issues are very important because they can actually catch on fire. Additionally, they can ruin your whole computer if you continue to attempt to use it without replacing the power supply.

Hopefully this comprehensive 5 issue list will enlighten some of you as to how or why bad things happen to good people in the realm of technology. But everyone has been there, including me not too long ago… and I am still there… just ordered a Mai Tai because the power supply might not be the problem!

Have a gggGGGGREAT Day.


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The Reasoning Behind Hurricane Categories.

Today I really wanted to explore the hurricane category classification system and how it became the warning system that we use today. I really feel its interesting to see how the current scale describes and sizes up these hurricanes especially with Hurricane Irene still attacking the East Coast. Hurricanes have always been forces of destruction terrorizing coastal areas such as the Caribbean and parts of the coastal U.S. But it wasn’t until two scientists, Herb Saffir and Robert Simpson, decided that the old building codes structural engineers were using for determining the resistance of structures to wind related factors was out of date. Shockingly these building codes were unchanged since 1926! Basically costing the United States a lot of money just for not upgrading the codes. So they teamed up and designed this super effective and accurate category system that sums up hurricanes accordingly. Click here for info on the classification system.

The 5 Category System

  • Category One: Very dangerous winds will produce some damage. This category includes winds that are anywhere from 74 to 95 m.p.h.  Category one hurricanes have the ability to kill and maim animals and/or people.Not only can they kill your favorite pet, these hurricanes can completely destroy your mobile home or any building built before 1994!. Even swimming pools might suffer heavy casualties as this heavy hitting hurricane rips across your hometown.
Category one hurricane. Hurricane Francis doesn't look scary.
  • Category Two: Extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage. So what’s worse than a category one hurricane? A category two. These bad boys traverse the coast at about 96-110 m.p.h.! That is a semi slow Lamborghini Gallardo! These hurricanes tend to kill slightly more people and animals but it probably isn’t as bad as a category three. Mobile homes are also much more likely to be uprooted and destroyed by these barbaric hurricanes (Can there really be civilized ones?) but post-1994 constructed homes can also be severely damaged in these disasters. Surprisingly during category two hurricanes is when filtration systems for viable water sources begin failing. Essentially in a category two much more things are being thrown around. 
This pic was taken 11 hours ago of Hurricane Irene, a category 2 hurricane. Click here to see more.
  • Category Three: Devastating damage will occur. This is where hurricanes really start making stronger negative impacts on livelihoods. With these hurricanes the average wind speed will be 111-130 m.p.h. That is mind boggling. Many people and animals will now be at high risk of death just from being within the hurricane. Newer homes might not be completely decimated but most likely will have roof and wall collapses. Even well constructed homes are going to suffer extensive destruction if they are still standing. Both electricity and water sources will be unusable for a number of weeks after this deadly type of hurricane passes.
This was taken from Hurricane Wilma. A category 3 hurricane. Notice the accuracy of the category descriptions.
  • Category Four: Catastrophic damage will occur. Speeds at this level of hurricane ferocity will hit averages of 131-155 m.p.h. These forces of nature will basically do what category threes do except on a category four scale. In other words apartment buildings will most likely have their rooftops ripped off and weeks after this hurricane passes broken glass and shattered windows will still pose threats to passerby and survivors of this calamity. Additionally, many trees are going to be completely uprooted and block off sections of the residential areas they use to line with their beauty along with destroyed telephone poles. Most of the affected area will be uninhabitable for months!!!
Hurricane Dean a category 4 hurricane. Notice the sinking boat towards the farther end of the picture.
  • Category Five: Catastrophic damage will occur. Basically category four and five hurricanes are very similar in their potential destructive power with the only difference being category fives are a bit more destructive since the rate of speed for these hurricanes need to be at an average higher than 155 m.p.h. This hurricane is what nightmares are made of. Regardless of being in your house or in a skyscraper, your chances of death are always high. This is because of the sheer force of moving debris and the speed of the winds themselves. Pretty much every mobile or bolted down building will be annihilated with the exception of a few apartment buildings. The area would be inhospitable for months.
Utter devastation. Category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Katrina.

I hope this descriptive listing of hurricane warnings has enlightened you and opened your eyes to just how devastating a hurricane can really be.  I really never knew how the government scaled hurricanes and on what basis they determined the category levels but after researching them for this post they have my respect that’s for sure. Hopefully Hurricane Irene starts dying down so we don’t see anything close to a category 3-5. Currently I believe it is a Category 2. For more information click here.

Have a GREAT Day!

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5 Reasons Aliens will Invade Earth.



Hello, hopefully today is a bright and beautiful day for you full of UV ray soaking action!. Or if you’re by chance trapped in a cubicle (like myself) then I hope you have had a chance to step outside for a stretch or a walk according to this other list article, it is healthy for you! (Hurry before you get abducted.)  So I love the idea of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations scattered among the universe. I think the innate human desire to not want to be alone is what gravitates people to pondering this idea. Compounded by the fact that we, as a species, do not consider any animals on Earth as our equals makes this notion all the more widespread among the populous (In my opinion). I really felt these articles were insightful on the speculation of the effects other sentient beings would have on us and our planet: Aliens Might Save Earth? & Aliens Could Attack Earth to End Global Warming, NASA Scientist Frets. They are both covering the recent Penn State/NASA Study. *** If you really want the full scientific breakdown for every scenario here is the full report!.


Recycle your e-waste properly or face annihilation! Raaawwwr.

5 Reason Countdown

1.  Destroy us to liberate the terrestrial and intergalactic ecosystem. According to one scenario from the study Extraterrestrials could outright destroy us because of how damage our polluted Earth will cause to other planets in the solar system. Elevated greenhouse gas emissions (from the expanding of the human civilization) are changing the spectral signature of Earth which is detectable from space.  I never knew pollution could be THAT bad.

2. Selfishness of wanting the universe all to themselves. This scenario actually made me smirk. It is funny to think you can manipulate gravity to the point of stopping your craft in mid flight to reverse direction or fly up from the atmosphere to space and still not have the common decency to share!.

3. They want to eat our brains. Another scenario pondered in the project was aliens would come to Earth because of their desire to breed and feed on us like we feed on cattle.

4. They need more “lab humans”. In much the same way our scientist use animals to test chemicals and products that might otherwise be harmful to humans, aliens might come to Earth to take people in order to test out their newest ray gun technology. Ouch.

5. (Personal Favorite) To enslave the whole human race. Extraterrestrial intelligence might come land on Earth to collect our species for intergalactic construction projects. I like this one because it would give us an incentive to finally work together. Maybe they’ll offer great retirement benefits.


Hope you enjoyed this brief synopsis on alien invasions on Earth!

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5 Reasons Why LCD Monitors are Better than CRT Monitors.

Ahhhhh (gasp of wonder and awe)


So Welcome to my blog! Today I am discussing the 5 major benefits of having an LCD monitor vs. a CRT monitor. I myself have a Gateway LCD monitor and it is so nice O:p. Primarily this list will give you interesting tidbits of info you might not have known of LCDs/CRTs but also it will make you laugh (hopefully) if you want to read the unadulterated full comparison of CRTs & LCDs click here. If not please read on!

So what is a CRT monitor? According to PCWorld.com, CRT monitors a.k.a. Cathode Ray Tube monitors are: “..analog displays that produce images based on phosphors with an electron beam.” I know sounds cool doesn’t it? Whereas LCD monitors or Liquid Crystal Display monitors utilize liquid crystals to display images. Now that you have a general idea of each item let find out why CRTs are never going to be better than LCDs.

5 Reason Countdown

5. LCD monitors can display P-E-R-F-E-C-T resolution sharpness whereas CRT screens cannot.

4. (Unless you have a super amazing video card!) Expect your CRT monitor to flicker images once in awhile due to its components. LCDs do not have this problem…EVER!

3. With an LCD you always get the viewing area you pay for. In other words, CRTs are bulky and as such tend to have a smaller viewing area than its full measured frame (so if you buy a 17” CRT monitor, you might only be viewing 16” images).

2. LCDs last longer than CRTs. Granted you pay a little more for an LCD monitor but they last MUCH longer than CRT screens. This means better for the environment!

1. The final (most) interesting factoid on LCDs that makes them so much better than CRTs is that they are easier to recycle!

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5 Reason Countdown

5. LCD monitors can display P-E-R-F-E-C-T resolution sharpness whereas CRT screens cannot.  

4. (Unless you have a super amazing video card!) Expect your CRT monitor to flicker images once in awhile due to its components. LCDs do not have this problem…EVER!

3. With an LCD you always get the viewing area you pay for. In other words, CRTs are bulky and as such tend to have a smaller viewing area than its full measured frame (so if you buy a 17” CRT monitor, you might only be viewing 16” images).

2. LCDs last longer than CRTs. Granted you pay a little more for an LCD monitor but they last MUCH longer than CRT screens. This means better for the environment!

1. The final interesting factoid on LCDs that makes them so much better than CRTs is that they are easier to recycle!