PollTIME!!!: Should Google & Motorola Be Allowed to Marry?

Hellooooo fellow WordPress aficionados! This is Ed C. @ EZPC Recycle once again interested in setting up a poll relevant to recent news and this Google acquisition story was way too good to not play with! So just to recap for you gentlemen and gentle ladies that are somewhat out of the “loop” of things, essentially Google has announced it will purchase Motorola for 12.5 billion buckaroos, see here. Google says this conquest will “…supercharge the entire Android ecosystem…” according to Mr Larry Page the current Google CEO. However, as usual, there are many skeptics. One such skeptic is Mr. Josh Lowensohn from CNet.com and he makes an interesting point. According to Mr. Lowensohn Google is acquiring a trove of patents that will most definitely bump Google up to a very secure, stable position in the smartphone market, but the giant tech company is also acquiring just as much litigation problems with the purchase.

In his article, see here, Mr. Lowensohn details the lawsuits hovering over this company. There are 17 lawsuits beginning from October 1, 2010 – August 1, 2011. Amount of companies suing Motorola? 14. In other words: 17 lawsuits in 11 months, i.e. 1.54 lawsuits/mo., i.e. 1 lawsuit every 19.7 days. Google might have got itself in a pickle this time! What do you think? Take the poll and see where you stand.

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Have E-Waste? Give it to Apple.

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Originally Published: 08/12/11

The Spin:

Are you having electronic recycling issues with all the new innovative technology coming out at a much quicker pace? Have you purchased every single iPhone in existence and have an unseemly mound of junk growing in your garage? Well have no fear! Apple has recently announced how it will make its contribution to the international e-waste problem this past Friday. According to contributing writer, Alexis Petru of Earth911.com, Apple is starting a buyback program for all functioning iphones, ipads or macs that clients do not use or need anymore and will exchange them for Apple gift cards at their fair market price. The catch here is that the devices must function. The important details involved in appraising the products will be: battery life, water damage etc. If your device qualifies for a gift card Apple will mail you one, otherwise they will recycle your broken item for free (What a relief!).

Consumers can mail the items they want recycled. The gift cards will be eligible for use both in Apple stores and online. So start mailing in your old iphones for Apple gift cards……. it will bring you one step closer towards your new iPhone 4!

In case you’re itching to read Ms. Petru’s article you can find it here.

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