Southern California Electronics Recycling : You Pick

Companies and individuals have a choice of how to dispose of electronics in Southern California.

If you have a newer model PC or laptop that you no longer use, the only two mistakes you can make are to throw it in the trash or to simply put it in a closet for a couple of years.  Why?  For starters, nothing with a cord should ever be put into the trash.  Second, no computer that still has functional value should be wasted.  Remember the recycling triangle, reduce, REUSE, and recycle.

So if you have one PC or a warehouse full of PC’s and laptops, here are the immediate response choices you have for doing the right thing.

1)       Donate: is an 501 C3 non-profit organization working in Orange County that gives computers to high school students that are financially disadvantaged, but still maintain an A grade average.  Gift my PC also gives laptops to financially disadvantaged kids who have graduated high school with an A average and are attending a major university under a scholarship.  Gift my PC gives computers and laptops regardless of ethnicity, but with a focus on high achievement students.

2)      Sell: If you have a large inventory and are looking to regain as much of your investment as possible then you need a company to asset manage your electronics.  EZPC Recycle has a long history of electronics asset management and the customers to help you move your equipment quickly and for the best price.  EZPC Recycle provides a turnkey service of logistics, bookkeeping and rapid turnover of equipment.  EZPC can pay you up front for your equipment on inspection, pay you after testing the equipment, or pay you after the equipment is sold depending on your needs and desires.

3)      Recycle: is a subsidiary of EZPC Recycle that handles all e-waste disposal with a free turnkey service of removal, documentation and certification of recycling.  If you are looking for the simplest and most professional method of e-waste disposal, this is the method you should use.  One call is all it takes to schedule a removal.

Note:  Like most e-waste recycling companies, EZPC has a requirement on the minimum number of pieces to pick up at your location.  If you are an individual that wants to get rid of a non-working microwave or television, the answer is simple.  Look for recycling drop-off events, or search for local “e-waste collectors” that accept drop-offs at their facility.  (Make sure you get a receipt for your effort.)