5 PC Issues I Cannot Stand.

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Hello everyone, I hope your week hasn’t been too stressful! We are nearing the often duplicated but never emulated (I heard that in a song) day known as Friday! WhooOOOOOOO! For me this week and last has been rather frustrating due to the fact that my desktop computer at home has completely fallen apart. I guess that is how computers die. They randomly start shutting off on you exhibiting symptoms of old age such as: BSODs, hardware issues, random intervals of lag and random freezing.

So for today I decided to discuss the 5 most annoying, day-ruining symptoms of a dead or dying computer based on what I have experienced in the past 2 weeks.

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Why can't BSODs look more like this Microsoft?! Then I wouldn't mind them happening so often!

Issue 1: BSOD, also known as Blue Screen Of DEATH. I despise this issue I hadn’t discovered until last week. BSODs occur when serious errors cause your computer system to abruptly crash. BSODs are actually technically called STOP errors. It is an annoying blue screen that seems to contain the most cryptic ambiguous messages about how broken your computer is with some generic self help information. I quickly realized those numbers on the screen are actually codes that change depending on what is failing on your system. Click here for STOP errors.

Issue 2: Hard Disk Failure. This happens to be another serious problem with computers and coincidentally, also happened to be this past week. Hard Drives are square electronic storage compartments for your computers, any computer. Every computer has a hard drive and eventually they will break. The only problem with hard drives is it is very difficult to tell when they will break on you because it could happen overnight. Here is a mini list of common HDD failures:

  • Head Crash- This happens when the drive head of the HDD touches the platter where all your information is magnetically stored. When this happens both the head and the data will be ruined and is irretrievable.
  • Magnetic Media Alignment- In other words “bad sectors”. In this case your HDD has sectors which are not holding the correct magnetic alignments with the rest of the platter and therefore causes data to be inaccessible. This is the reason why people always say backup your data…I found out the hard way! In this case the HDD can continue to be used once you use a low level format to mark the bad sectors on the drive in order to not write data on them anymore.
  • Shattered Platter- Many mobile computers used glass platters inside the HDDs which were making them susceptible to rough handling problems that would shatter the platters.
  • Logic Board Issues- Sometimes the logic board (communicates information from computer to HDD) electrically malfunctions making it impossible to continue writing data to the disk.

Issue 3: Motherboard Breaks. When this less common problem arises usually the most obvious symptom is going to be your computer not turning on at all. Steps to troubleshooting this problem can be found here.

Issue 4: Monitor Problem. Currently I am having this issue with my Gateway monitor so hopefully I can fix it. The only real problem that contributes to this issue is an old monitor that was rarely turned off when used. Good practice for your monitors would be to ensure it is shut off whenever not in use because computers emit rays that continuously degrade the lifespan of a monitor.

Issue 5: Power Supply Issue. This is another issue I am having problems with more recently. Power supply issues are very important because they can actually catch on fire. Additionally, they can ruin your whole computer if you continue to attempt to use it without replacing the power supply.

Hopefully this comprehensive 5 issue list will enlighten some of you as to how or why bad things happen to good people in the realm of technology. But everyone has been there, including me not too long ago… and I am still there… just ordered a Mai Tai because the power supply might not be the problem!

Have a gggGGGGREAT Day.


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About one month ago (June 28th, 2011 to be exact) the Supreme Court decided to overturn the law passed by the Governator, I doubt he will be back, Rep. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The law prohibited minors from purchasing video games across the state and got many people upset especially the ESA (Entertainment Software Association). Personally, being an avid gamer myself I feel it should be up to the parents to decide whether or not Batman: Arkham Asylum is appropriate for their children not the government. But I guess that’s one man’s opinion. What’s yours?

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We recycle all your electronic needs.
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