Sony has Decided to Force People to Agree Not to Sue Them. That’s Nice.

Sony just recently recuperated, albeit barely, from a serious hacking attempt from Anonymous making this new "agreement" development very hard to understand.


The Spin:

So do you happen to be one of the 77 MILLION people that log into the PS Network worldwide? Because most likely you have already agreed to not sue Sony in court and settle any problems you might have with them through arbitration means specified in the terms of service. Are you wondering when you agreed to this? Well right before the latest PSN update of course!

Apparently, in its most recent update the updated Terms of Service Agreement was also changed and included a clause stating: If you have a Dispute with any Sony Entity or any of a Sony Entity’s officers, directors, employees and agents that cannot be resolved through negotiation within the time frame described in the “Notice of Dispute” clause below. Other than those matters listed in the Exclusions from Arbitration clause, you and the Sony Entity that you have a Dispute with agree to seek resolution of the Dispute only through arbitration of that Dispute in accordance with the terms of this Section 15, and not litigate any Dispute in court. Arbitration means that the Dispute will be resolved by a neutral arbitrator instead of in a court by a judge or jury. Basically what this clause is telling you is you cannot sue Sony for any reason regarding any of its products! I thought this was illegal to do in America? But I guess companies can set their own terms of service and Sony is not technically forcing you 100% to comply. The reason being because in the agreement there is an opt-out clause which explains that if you really aren’t interested in agreeing to the new statement you can always mail the Sony legal team and let them know you’re not interested.

Personally, I cannot believe Sony is doing this. They just recently got out of a huge hacking scandal which compromised many people’s personal information and now they are deciding they have the free range to force its remaining consumers to give up their rights to sue them? The fact that Sony is allowing its customers to send a letter to opt out is like forcing someone to give you $100 dollars for access to your television but then giving them the option to mail you a letter to let you know they want the $100 dollars back. Except in this case instead of $100 it’s your right to sue a company when their products negatively impact your way of life such as, oh I dunno, getting your credit card information hacked by a still as of yet unidentified group of hackers. Click here for original story.

I just cannot believe Sony has the audacity to do this. Hopefully they come to their senses and quickly.

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PollTime!!: Striking Down the CA. Video Game Law, Like/Dislike It?

You go ESA. You go girl!!! Show disgruntled parents who's boss!


About one month ago (June 28th, 2011 to be exact) the Supreme Court decided to overturn the law passed by the Governator, I doubt he will be back, Rep. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The law prohibited minors from purchasing video games across the state and got many people upset especially the ESA (Entertainment Software Association). Personally, being an avid gamer myself I feel it should be up to the parents to decide whether or not Batman: Arkham Asylum is appropriate for their children not the government. But I guess that’s one man’s opinion. What’s yours?

Click here to check out the original L.A. Times story or here to check out the ESA’s website.



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