Sony is Jumping into the E-Waste Business.

Coolest looking logo ever!!! (Just kidding.)


So today I read Sony has recently launched a website focused on ensuring Sony products are properly disposed of. The aim of the website for Sony is to recycle 1 pound of e-waste for every pound of electronic product they make. In order to more readily achieve this company goal Sony has opted into collecting ANY manufactured electronic waste NOT just it’s own products. I think that is an awesome way to show the community how much your contributing to the environment. Sony itself is not necessarily doing any of the recycling but rather is just listing participating recycling centers in the user’s vicinity who are registered with Sony to monitor and pick up the electronics that you drop off at designated drop-off sites in specific locations across the U.S.

I dare say this is the coolest looking Sony product ever to come out on the market!

Hopefully many of you reading this will find it useful to go on this website and check out the drop-off location nearest you. It’s always nice to help better the environment and clean up your house from all the junk you most likely don’t need : P. If you’re interested just click here!

Source: Sony_Offers_New_Trade_In_And_Recycling_Website.php

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Cool New Way to Compare Energy Costs!

Facebook has invented another modern innovation that might greatly assist people that need to fill in a void but this time it might be a void that people actually could need help filling. Of course I’m talking about energy consumption. Energy consumption is one of the most cost effective reductions one could make to their utilities bill yet most people still can’t afford doing it because of all of the flat screen t.v.s and computer monitors we have plugged into our house.

Well Facebook has come to the rescue yet again with a new innovative app called the  “social energy” app. This app is designed to alleviate the concerns of everyday people that are worried they are spending way too much money on utility consumption for their household. So how does it work? Basically the app will have two functions. The first will be to serve as an informative tool that the homeowner could use to compare himself/herself to the national average in regards to energy consumption. The other function (which to me is pretty cool) is to serve as another app type game people can play with their friends online. Each individual racks up points when they lower their energy consumption compared to other individuals. The app can be played in groups competing with other groups and every time you beat your other group of friends you get points to “level up” a rank on the application. The NRDC, Facebook and Opower are responsible for the app and hope it proves an effective way to increase awareness for the environment amongst all users using the application. I hope it does too!

To check out more information please go here:

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Another Apple Employee Loses ANOTHER iPhone?!

The unsuspecting Gizmodo editor who had no idea he was reviewing stolen property! Luckily, the court of law felt he was telling the truth.

The Spin:

I swear reading this article for the first 5 minutes I had thought there had to be a mix up with my Google Alerts notification. After checking the date and allowing it to sink in that the contributor of the article was  referring to the iPhone 5 I realized I wasn’t crazy. So it seems Apple is having another stroke of bad luck with its iPhone prototypes and the irresponsible employees that lose them in tequila bars. (I don’t think a bar would be the ideal place to discuss the pros and cons of a prototype crucial to your company’s future success as leading smartphone developer, but that’s just me!) The only real differences between the two prototype cases is the first took place in Redwood City, CA while this one takes place in San Francisco, CA and Gizmodo hasn’t cashed in on this case yet (low blow!). Apparently Apple does not want to disclose too much of this incident because they probably are slightly embarrassed. Basically, the only details available right now are: the prototype is lost and one man thinks he might have spotted it on a train. Apple and San Francisco police seem to have traced the prototype to a two story house but to no avail. Hopefully this prototype doesn’t end up on a tech blogging site and damage Apple’s revenue this upcoming October.

For a good article explaining this news story in detail click here!

LOL this MIGHT have contributed to one of the many reasons that the Apple employee "misplaced" his prototype. Courtesy of the Naked Pheasant Blog.


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The Mystery Behind the Google PageRank.

I really liked this Google doodle. Click the pic to check out more!


Hello and welcome to another How-To post. For this post I will uncover the mysterious convoluted PageRank system Google has put in place in order to properly grade ranked results for a specific keyword(s) and list them accordingly. I say this system is mysterious because Google does not enjoy revealing the intricacies behind the calculations of this complex enigma but the monster company does explain things you can do to predictably influence your websites’ ranking on the organic search results page. First however let’s look at what Mr. Ian Rogers has to say on the PageRank.

Ian Rogers:

This gentleman had many interesting guesses as to how one could possibly calculate the PagerRank of their respective website. He takes into consideration other authors’ ideas and obviously incorporates the equation Google showcased once but never again. Please check out his website. Not only do his calculations make sense, he provides many useful links at the bottom of his site such as the first paper on PageRanks published by Google co-founders: Sergey Brin & Lawrence Page. And a neat PageRank Calculator for those of you interested in a machine doing most of the work for you.  So here are some points Mr. Rogers makes on pagerank.

Some Points:

  • Google toolbars show the pagerank rating of a webpage by logs of 10 (i.e. toolbar pagerank= 0, REAL pagerank= 0-10, toolbar pagerank= 1, REAL pagerank= 10-100, etc.)
  • Ian states Google re-indexes the pagerank of all webpages online every month AND changes the pagerank scale as well making it difficult to accurately gauge the exact pagerank number your webpage currently has, therefore any PR (pagerank) numbers you receive from toolbars or PR checkers are essentially really good guesses not necessarily definitive PR’s.
  • Mr. Rogers makes a very simple definition for pagerank he states: “In short PageRank is a “vote”, by all the other pages on the Web, about how important a page is. A link to a page counts as a vote of support. If there’s no link there’s no support (but it’s only an abstention from voting rather than a vote against the page). ” I really like this definition. It is very simple to remember.
  • Another problem in calculating PR of websites is that in order to use the algorithm provided by Google in the original PageRank paper developed by Google founders (Sergey Brin & Lawrence Page), you need to know the PR of the pages linking into your webpage. Then you can’t find out those PRs until you find the PRs of the websites linking to THEM and so on. However that same paper also provides us with the algorithm necessary to duplicate the normalized link matrix of the web and therefore allows us to check our PR without knowing anyone else’s PR!
  • PR(A)= (1-d) +d (PR(B)/1), PR(B)=(1-d) +d (PR(A)/1),   d=0.85.  So this is the equation (according to Mr. Roger) one can use continuously to more accurately find the PageRank of his/her respective site. In other words, Page A(PR(A)) links to Page B(PR(B)) and vice-versa and d shows the damping factor for the answer you get. Therefore,  assume your webpage is Page A and an inbound link to your site is Page B. Then just plug all the numbers repeating the process using the answer for PR(B) as the PR(B) value in the 2nd run through.
  • Ian later explains how the arrangement and order of each calculation matters when calculating PageRank. This makes sense because PageRank depends on the quality of inbound links on your site which are essentially “voting” for your page and their respective PageRanks as well. When trying the equation keep in mind the base value for the average PageRank is 1.
  • With the above equation any page that is online will start off with .15 of a PR or “voting power however, Mr. Roger warns Google supposedly has a post-spidering phase back at their lair which automatically deletes any pages without inbound links! Scary….
  • Mr. Rogers then illustrates how external sites that your site links to do not help raise your PageRank up by much if they themselves are not inbound links on YOUR website. The value for the owner homepage went from: PR(A)= .92 to: PR(A)= 3.35! That is quite an impressive increase.


  • Mr. Rogers goes on to give various examples of really interesting ways to structure your website in order to manually focus traffic to the main homepage, or whichever page you want to focus on for that matter. He also explains a couple strategies one can use to greatly improve their PageRank.
  • Tip #1: Be a Mega-Site. Sites such as Fox News, which has a PR of 8 by the way, have such large amounts of articles contributed by many authors on a weekly basis and so many inbound links from these pages going back to their homepages they conquer the rankings because of the amount of quality content they have at their disposal.
  • Tip #2: Give Away Something Useful. phpBB was a company that developed a bulletin board system they gave out for free to any interested websites over the internet and basically became so popular it raised their PageRank to an 8/10! (Currently it’s at a 5/10 but that just shows nothing lasts forever!).
  • Tip #3: Stick with One Page When Raising the PR. Essentially the co-founders of Google stated in their paper that the average PageRank (at the time) is 1.00. Therefore instead of fighting a battle of averages for every page focus on raising the rank of one page in particular (homepage, request quote page etc.). This will concentrate your efforts on one page maximizing their effects and bringing up your site first in the rankings more quickly!

I hope this post was informative as it was interesting (at least to me!). Again these calculations are not certified by Google. But they do give very interesting glimpses into how this ranking system seems to operate. Google does state the equation is ever changing and the equation most people use to figure all this out might not even be used anymore. But interesting to know nonetheless!

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PollTIME!!!: Should Google & Motorola Be Allowed to Marry?

Hellooooo fellow WordPress aficionados! This is Ed C. @ EZPC Recycle once again interested in setting up a poll relevant to recent news and this Google acquisition story was way too good to not play with! So just to recap for you gentlemen and gentle ladies that are somewhat out of the “loop” of things, essentially Google has announced it will purchase Motorola for 12.5 billion buckaroos, see here. Google says this conquest will “…supercharge the entire Android ecosystem…” according to Mr Larry Page the current Google CEO. However, as usual, there are many skeptics. One such skeptic is Mr. Josh Lowensohn from and he makes an interesting point. According to Mr. Lowensohn Google is acquiring a trove of patents that will most definitely bump Google up to a very secure, stable position in the smartphone market, but the giant tech company is also acquiring just as much litigation problems with the purchase.

In his article, see here, Mr. Lowensohn details the lawsuits hovering over this company. There are 17 lawsuits beginning from October 1, 2010 – August 1, 2011. Amount of companies suing Motorola? 14. In other words: 17 lawsuits in 11 months, i.e. 1.54 lawsuits/mo., i.e. 1 lawsuit every 19.7 days. Google might have got itself in a pickle this time! What do you think? Take the poll and see where you stand.

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Have E-Waste? Give it to Apple.

Click here to check out the Apple Recycling Program.

Originally Published: 08/12/11

The Spin:

Are you having electronic recycling issues with all the new innovative technology coming out at a much quicker pace? Have you purchased every single iPhone in existence and have an unseemly mound of junk growing in your garage? Well have no fear! Apple has recently announced how it will make its contribution to the international e-waste problem this past Friday. According to contributing writer, Alexis Petru of, Apple is starting a buyback program for all functioning iphones, ipads or macs that clients do not use or need anymore and will exchange them for Apple gift cards at their fair market price. The catch here is that the devices must function. The important details involved in appraising the products will be: battery life, water damage etc. If your device qualifies for a gift card Apple will mail you one, otherwise they will recycle your broken item for free (What a relief!).

Consumers can mail the items they want recycled. The gift cards will be eligible for use both in Apple stores and online. So start mailing in your old iphones for Apple gift cards……. it will bring you one step closer towards your new iPhone 4!

In case you’re itching to read Ms. Petru’s article you can find it here.

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