Gmail is Sexier Than Ever!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog smack dab in the middle of (what I hope) is a very busy and productive work week to keep that clock mindlessly ticking away to the last hour before you “bounce”. So let’s get down to Gmail!

New Features:

– First off you will never have to worry about leaving the left hand side navigation panel all by its lonesome because of the newly enhanced scrolling panel! Whether your trying to chat with friends or deleting messages, this panel now (finally) scrolls with you.

– At the top right we have a neat little gear icon that, when clicked, actually changes the spacing in between letters to three different sizes. This ingenious concept is actually “geared” (get it?) towards making the view for Gmail much better if your on a device other than a computer.

– Even Conversation View got a facelift for the new Gmail layout. messages from your FAV friends are now accompanied by their profile pics on the left hand side making message viewing much easier this time around. Additionally, small little grey icons have replaced the myriad of options available per convo making it slightly more time consuming when looking for the option you want but does add a much more sleek look compared to the old layout.

– Not only is the layout being revamped for Gmail but the search box is too. Have a message that you’re looking for dating back to November 12, 2010? Just click the drop down arrow when you type in the document name and filter the search by date! Yes Google is spoiling us rotten with these benefits.

This about sums up the Gmail additions and cool new facelift it got from the older style. I personally love the color green but maybe later on they will include a change color feature! Or maybe they already have…..

Friday is coming up!

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Does the New iPhone Have a Battery Problem?

Hopefully this is not going to continue for much longer (at least for Apple) but there is an apparent issue involving the iPhone 4S and its battery. According to way too many iPhone users, the brand spanking new and magnificent iPhone 4S cannot last longer than an hour before eating up around 15% of the battery life of the phone! Not only does the battery drain ridiculously quick, but charging it overnight is not going to help things. That is exactly what the author of this article tried here.

In order to curb the increasing dissatisfaction being experienced by many new iPhone users, Apple engineers have contacted various users to let them install a tracking file on their iPhones in order to determine what exactly is causing the problem. An upside to all this news is that the problem seems to be a software issue. This means a simple Apple software update would make everything right again in the world of iPhone 4S users. Let’s just hope this problem doesn’t end up being hardware related.

-Over and out.

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Have an Android? Check These Top 10 Apps Out!

We all know the various problems are smartphones can solve nowadays anywhere from “shazaming” your favorite song to find out what it’s called to typing in your caloric intake to shed more pounds with a diet oriented app. Our phones have evolved into multifunctional devices we rely on MUCH more than we did in the past.

Taking the application concept to a completely higher level is the Android OS for Android phones. Basically the Android platform has really succeeded in creating a developer friendly marketplace for literally anyone wanting to try their hand at developing phone applications using a computer. As a result of such an open ended marketplace with minor fees to Google for selling your app in the Android marketplace, many different and interesting apps have hit “virtual” Droid shelves. Here we are going to break down what InformationWeek feels are the top 10 apps every Droid user should never be without!

Top 10 Android Apps!!!

  1. Documents To Go. This neat little app makes it possible for you to revise, check AND edit Microsoft Office documents while eating lunch or out of the office. The free version allows the reading of the document but for just $14.95 you could open any .doc file up and actually make edits to it!
  2. Dolphin Browser HD. Ever tried surfing the internet on a Droid phone? I will admit it was VERY frustrating when I had one. That is also why this second application is sort of bittersweet for me (wish I knew about it sooner!). It is essentially a very well put together browser alternative for all those internet surfers out there (get a tan!). The interface is great and it does really well in succinctly describing the various feeds you want covered.
  3. Color Flashlight. This application is very cool. Let’s say you are completely stuck in the dark with a power outage or in a drastic situation where you have no access to anything but your Android phone. Well, this app is literally a flashlight. Yes! a flashlight. It illuminates pretty nicely around you and even has different effects and colors to change it to in case you want to be found somewhere and are surrounded by a specific color. With this phone you could change the illuminating light to a contrasting color and voila! Light!
  4. Gasbuddy. I have actually personally used this app and it is AWESOME! It really does work. basically you either make a profile to let it record where you have been before so it can quickly show you gas prices near your typical haunts OR you can type the zip code your currently in and it pulls up gas stations around you that have gas prices marked by other patrons that checked into that gas station. It’s genius!
  5. GateGuru. So this is a really interesting app. In case you ever have an international flight or cross county flight you should really get this app. Essentially it takes the confusion out of boarding the right terminals and figuring out which gate you need to go to. It lists gates, terminals and flight times to make sure you know exactly where you’re going.
  6. Google Translate. I really want to try this app out of all these other apps the most. So does your group of friends make people think you’re all coming from a UN conference? Well in case you feel a schism between you and these intercultural buddies of yours you can actually use this app to converse with them in their own languages in real time. It is an actual translator and it actually works. Also works with text messages.
  7. History Eraser. This is one app I could most definitely use! If you ever have issues with privacy and worry when giving away your old phones for others to use (or for money) people will accidentally stumble upon a naughty text message history log or confidential codes for America’s Nuclear Silos. Then this app might do you some good. It erases everything I mean EVERYTHING from your data history on your phone. From history logs to the frequently called list nothing will stick around in the bowels of your smartphone to become subject to nosy peepers sticking their noses where they don’t belong.
  8. Kindle & Nook. By now most people must know what these two little cool gadgets are. For those who don’t the Kindle and Nook are tablets used specifically for reading books on the go. You purchase the book electronically and can load it up on the Nook/Kindle and save it with virtual bookmarks. It’s also lit so you can read anywhere without any problems. Well this app is like a Kindle/Nook adapter for your smartphone. Download the app and don’t worry about purchasing the e-reader!
  9. Lookout Mobile Security. I never thought smartphones could be attacked by malware but I guess that only makes sense considering you can connect to the internet on these phones and the OS is made up of a bunch of code. So it also makes sense these phones should be protected by antivirus apps. Well Lookout Mobile Security seems to be one of the better apps out there and it not only scans for spyware/malware but also backs up your information and manages privacy settings all on one dashboard. Exceptional.
  10. Touchdown! No this is not a football app. Although I’m sure there must be one very similar in name to this one that is. This is actually an app for better management of Microsoft Exchange. It allows you to access your email accounts while logging into Microsoft Exchange without having to use any Android emails. It seems to be the most literal translation one can come across on the Android of the Microsoft Exchange program.

Well that sums up the most beneficial, coolest apps on the market to date! Hopefully all of you find use for at least a few or one of these handy applications! If you want more information or would like to read the original article please click here.




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Top 5 “Tree Hugging” IT Companies.

By Tree Hugging I mean environmentally friendly. ComputerWorld has taken it upon itself to review top IT companies to see which ones fit the bill the best when it comes down to taking care of your environment. It turns out out of the 70 applicants there were 12 top energy efficient companies that actually really care about their surroundings in which they live and strive to improve the quality of life outside of their own by incorporating “green” efficient practices into the workplace….and making a nice salary while they do it. Here are examples of some initiatives these companies have been taking:

  • Kaiser Permanente– Employees for Kaiser developed their own methods for measuring cooling systems. Plus they have actual “Keep IT Green” teams focused on brainstorming and implementing new practices that positively affect the environment each month.
  • All State Insurance– This company views green initiatives with a more practical approach. They focus on ideas that help them save money AND prove to be good for the environment.
  • KPMG– This Big 4 accounting firm is focusing on mutliple ways to decrease its carbon footprint: migrating to blade servers, raising data center temperatures, utilizing video chat to avoid transportation for company meetings and implementing solar panels where applicable on their company buildings.
  • State Street– This corporation cut its energy usage by 50% using compression technology! Specifically they used compression and deduplication technologies in order to drive down storage capacity by 40-50% That is a monumental difference when saving energy costs. According to Computerworld however StateStreet has been driven to better the environment for 10 years and keeps going.
  • NBC Universal– The giant network company NBC decided to contribute its “2 cents” to the improvement of the environment with just a small contribution of 47 TONS of hardware (a.k.a. e-waste) that they ultimately did not need. Specifically, NBC “virtualized” enough servers to shut down 2,000 physical servers which was about 60% of the total amount of servers they had.

These are just a few of the 12 companies covered by Computerworld. If you’re interested in reading more about these mean “green” machines or want to know about the rest of the list please click here!

If not then have a great Monday! Only 1 week left until Halloween!


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Apple Starts Feeling the Absence of Jobs.

Possibly deadly competition for iPhone 4S?


Wall Street and Apple’s relationship is starting to get rocky. Apple has been having pretty rough times recently ever since the passing of the late great Steve Jobs and the problems have only been compounded by the recent downturn Apple has experienced in sales, specifically iPhone sales. According to the Wall Street Journal, analysts had previously speculated fiscal earnings for Apple would amount to approximately 20 million iPhones for the quarter but Apple instead sold just around 17 million. 3 million iPhones is a MASSIVE difference especially when your main competitor (Android) has a new Nexus phone coming out with a more improved OS from Google.

However there is a light at the end of Apple’s tunnel! CEO Tim Cook has been announcing his hopes for the upcoming iPhone 4S and has said iPhone 4S sales will boost earnings for the upcoming quarter enough to alleviate the past blemish that Apple did not expect. Hopefully this is not a sign of future dark things to come for the innovative tech company.

If you would like to read the article yourself click here!


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Top 4 Recycling Misconceptions.

Hello everyone! This past week was an incredibly hectic week. We have been negotiating new contracts with very important clients and I am very excited about our future with them! For now however I really wanted to go back to recycling topics and e-waste related articles (even though it might be a little boring :p) because well I do work for an electronics recycling center and recycling is (or at least should be) an important facet of our daily lives. So for today’s post I decided to list the top 5 misconceptions people have about recycling. Some are actually shocking to me too others not so much.

The 5 ULTIMATE Misconceptions About RECYCLING

  1. Landfills are not a problem. WRONG. Landfill space in the United States is as a whole still very unused. According to the NSWMA (National Solid Wastes Management Association) America still has about 20 years left for landfill space across the country. Individual states however (Rhode Island, and most of the northern part of the U.S.) are extremely limited in the future space they have available for landfills and, in Rhode Island’s case, sometimes have less than a few years of space really pushing them to figure out another solution alone.
  2. Recycling Truck Usage Hurts O-Zone More Than Garbage Being Picked Up. Garbage trucks actually are nowhere CLOSE to burning enough gas in order to top the energy consumption used in manufacturing the trash they’re picking up. According to the NSWMA, an average garbage truck consumes .9 million BTU processing and pickup up garbage while a manufacturing plant making the garbage burns 10.4-23.3 million BTU.
  3. Your city is Getting Rich Getting Paid Out for Recyclable Materials. Also WRONG. Most cities are not receiving any or much compensation for recycling anything due to very unfavorable contracts they still have with several recycling companies. This is due to the fact back when these contracts were being negotiated conditions were more volatile and less lucrative, NOW however conditions are much better and these cities cannot partake in the payouts.
  4. Most Plastics Put in Recycling Bins Ends Up in the General garbage Dump. Semi-false. Many garbage dumps do not accept plastic but gradually many of them are starting to phase in plastic trash due to advances in plastic sorting technology!

Thank you for reading!


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BattleTime!!: NVIDIA Vs. AMD

Very cool pic I thought. Very accurate too considering my review of the latest flagship cards.

Today I wanted to cover two companies that have been responsible for pushing the envelope on how amazing computers can be at outputting more realistic graphics with each newly developed video card. Of course these companies are: NVIDIA and AMD. Both NVIDIA and AMD have essentially created the market for high end Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), technically NVIDIA created the first GPU in 1999. Conversely, AMD was the first company to develop APUs (Accelerated Proessing Units)

The Battle: These two competitors have been fighting for complete pixelated domination over computer graphics since NVIDIA came out with the GPU in 1999. AMD is mainly a processor manufacturing company but applied its computer knowledge to make some of the strongest video cards on the market today! Currently NVIDIA is looking to come back from defeat with its newer “Fermis” model video card which is a more improved Fermi card (hopefully one that uses less power!) Now lets look at each competitor to see who comes out stronger.

In This Corner: NVIDIA is my personal favorite when it comes to video card manufacturers and also seems to be the company holding the stronger foothold in some key functionality areas.

  • Direct X 11-NVIDIA cards are very compatible with Direct X 11 and Direct X compatibility of more recent cards comparable to Direct X compatibility of recent AMD video cards.
  • Display Support- More new NVIDIA graphics cards sport slightly more robust support for DisplayPort 1.2, which allows ONE NVIDIA card to manage enhanced graphics for up to 6 display monitors.
  • Stereoscopic 3D Support- NVIDIA 3D Support is pretty amazing (Check out this video! YouTube, you might need 3D glasses.) The main issue with NVIDIA 3D capabilities is the required 120HZ refresh rate for the monitor you’re using. SLI setup however, running two or more identical 3D capable video cards, allows you to power 3 monitors with the required refresh rate for amazing 3d graphics across three screens.
  • Power Consumption- More recent NVIDIA cards are much less power intensive than previous models but competitively speaking are still not as efficient as AMD video cards.
  • HD Video Encoding- The newer NVIDIA video card models feature the latest HD encoding support such full H.264 Decode Acceleration.
  • Strongest, Newest Contender- If you are willing to spend around $540.00 USD then the EVGA GTX 580 SC is one of the strongest NVIDIA cards out there today. This card is very power intensive (requires around 395 W/32 A. at max. power) and does not support DisplayPort 1.2. Click here for more info. Remember the EVGA model is overclocked slightly higher than the original model giving the card a higher output and making the graphics that much better.

& In The Other Corner: AMD has made a reputation based on efficiency and productivity and so it comes as no surprise ATI graphic card models consist of some of the strongest available in the market. Usually the downside to ATI cards seems to be the lifetime of the cards. The stronger they are the harder they fall! But here are some notes on AMD and its beastly cards.

  • Direct X 11- AMD sports equal support for Direct X 11 as does NVIDIA. Both cards function equally as well having some games perform better on either type of card.
  • Display Support- Guaranteed DisplayPort 1.2 support. In other words, these cards are built for multidisplay functionality, allowing the user to connect 3 different monitors with just one ATI Radeon 6000 card! This along with the fact that NVIDIA does not explicitly support DisplayPort 1.2 is a win for AMD.
  • Stereoscopic 3D Support- Conversely, AMD recently implemented 3D surround vision with its newer models where NVIDIA already had it implemented since 2009 with the announcement of 3D Vision (click here).
  • Power Consumption- Another positive consistent factor using AMD powered video cards is its reputation in power consumption. ATI Radeon video cards tend to usually consume less power than NVIDIA video cards and although NVIDIA has decreased the wattage required for newer models, on average, the cards are still using slightly more than AMD cards.
  • HD Video Encoding-Another strong suit for AMD video cards such as the ATI Radeon 6000 series is very robust support for HD video encoders. All the major encoders are supported with these cards such as: VC-1 and H.264.
  • Strongest, Newest Contender- One of the most newest models out right now for AMD video cards is the XFX Radeon HD 6970. This card is a veritable animal. 2 GB frame buffer, two 1.2 DisplayPort ports for multi display support and DDR5 memory support it almost beat the NVIDIA GTX 580 SC when rated in this article. But fell short due to <%100 of output used and pricing issues.

Winner?: NIVIDIA GTX 580 SC. On top of being my favorite video card manufacturing company, NVIDIA met its competition with its latest models head on in terms of performance and output  but really differentiated itself with the price. On average when I checked Amazon the GTX 580 SC was being offered at around $399.00 USD while the XFX Radeon HD 6970 was around $349.99 USD. Just $50.00 more for higher output and better quality.


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